This post is written by Corey Bertelsen, who is audio lead and level designer for Bizarre Barber.

Bizarre Barber is an action/arcade VR game, where you play as a barber in a surreal post-apocalyptic subway world. Development is supported by Oculus. We are launching soon!

One of the first things…

Bizarre Barber game mixed reality capture screenshot

Hello! I am Maria Mishurenko, co-founder of Synesthetic Echo design studio and a XR designer / developer. This is the first post in the series about design and development of Bizarre Barber, accessible VR action game, supported by Oculus and NYU Game Center Incubator.

We are making Bizarre Barber with…

Hello! I‘m Maria, Co-Founder of a small studio called Synesthetic Echo, game developer and designer. Both me and my other Co-Founder Gordey develop for virtual, augmented and mixed reality. We also research and create experiences for emerging mediums and technologies.

Maria Mishurenko

Maria Mishurenko is a New-York based virtual reality developer, artist, game designer and a co-founder of design studio Synesthetic Echo

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