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SYC is an investment token and was created only to generate pure profit for investors.

48% of ICO revenue goes back to the investors!

Regardless of the growth of the SYC token, 48% of ICO revenue where be payed directly to the holder wallet in Ethereum.

The rate is fixed: 0.00004 ETH / SYC Tokens

This means when you hold 1000 SYC Tokens in your wallet, you become 0.04 ETH every first on the Month.

Repayment will be made for 12 months from 01.06.2018–01.05.2019!

This means, that every holder of SYC gets 4% of the ICO revenue every month.

Token Model

Total Supply: 8 Million

Decimal: 4

Token Symbol: SYC

Contract address: 0x46d19b2d282494c0b6f95db564f17cee7f799312

ICO Price

STAGE 1 Pre-Sale 30 %

14/03/2018 Price per SYC 0.0007 ETH

STAGE 2 Main ICO 20 %

01/04/2018 Price per SYC 0.0008 ETH

STAGE 3 Main ICO 10 %

07/04/2018 Price per SYC 0.0009 ETH

STAGE 4 Main ICO 0 %

14/04/2018 Price per SYC 0.001 ETH


Exchanges are our main goal.

Bittrex and HitBTC is in planing for 01/05/2018

Binance is in the planning for 01/07/2018 but for that we only need a certain trading volume.


Our vision is quite simple:

We want our community to grow!

Many people have missed the hype around Bitcoin and co. and now we give peoples a new chance, because of the token model, we are sure that our token will rise, but there is no guarantee but we try it.

Why we are difference?

We are the only ICO thats repay the investor money (48% of his investment amount in Ethereum)

We are still in the beginning but we are working hard to grow our community ;-)




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