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Taking a step back to think before we start flying again

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In human history, air travel has been one of the greatest innovations that we have developed. It allows us to travel a great distance, connecting the world and making it a smaller place. We can now easily travel from London to Sydney on a 19 hours non-stop direct flight. Imagine if we still had to travel by water using ships, it would not take us days but weeks on end.

Commercial air travel started around the 1920s — for the were being used exclusively for transporting commercial passengers. …

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Part 2 of a on building a stronger relationship

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Conflict! Conflict!! Conflict!!!

Whether it is in life or love, conflict follows us around wherever we go. Some of us run from conflict the moment we sense it — our palm gets sweaty, throat dries up, our heart beats faster and faster. Others go into overdrive, solely focusing on solving the conflict and situation at hand — planning how to solve it right away.

Conflicts and relationships go hand in hand; They are inevitable, and if handled poorly (by withdrawing emotionally, blaming your partner, or dredging up past argument or wrongdoing) they can damage it.

A cross cross-section (pdf) by the researchers…

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Fill up your intimacy meter with your partner

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We all crave intimacy. Being vulnerable and still being accepted by someone. We feel satisfied when our needs are met from being close to the person we love. This closeness does not only come from physical proximity but also comes from a heart to heart closeness.

Being physically close to our partner is only one of many forms of intimacy. Ultimately intimacy comes from the connection we have with another person and one of the best ways we can cultivate that intimacy is through .

Below are 7 ways you can communicate better to increase intimacy with the person you…

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Proactive approach to stay ahead of the next stage of the coronavirus crisis

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The virus has impacted our lives as we know it. Regardless of where you are in the world right now, we are all in the same boat — disruption is everywhere. All of our travel plans, canceled! All of our career and job prospects, on hold!

First, the virus has caused serious health and safety implications to the general public, now the unstoppable economic fallout will follow. This will be one of the biggest economic shock since World War II. You will have felt it already with all your favorite restaurants, pubs, and shops are temporarily shut down. …

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Part 1 of a on building a stronger relationship

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Language is one of the most profound tools that humans have created since the dawn of time. To this day, it is still evolving and has been essential to pass down knowledge to the next generation, communicating our thoughts, sharing jokes and stories.

While it is so easy to learn words and phrases, it takes a lot more to communicate effectively to the people around us. Have you ever felt that you have something to say, tried speaking out, but the people in the room still don’t get your genuine thoughts or message you want to get across? Welcome to…

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A series on how to grow closer to your partner

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One of the greatest joy in life is to be surrounded by people who love you and the people you love. Sharing life with a significant other brings not just joy, but does satisfy some deep needs in all of us — intimacy. Infant not even knowing how to form words knows and wants to be closer to their caregivers.

While there are no official statistics on how many of us are coupling up these days, I’m guessing more than 60% (using US and UK marriage and civil partnership numbers extrapolating with cohabitation numbers and online dating stats) of us…

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Finding your happiness at home

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Due to the recent pandemic, like most people around the world I am surrounded by the four walls of my home for almost every waking hour of every day. While some people can handle this sudden change in the way we live, others might struggle. Who knows how long this will last, but one thing is for sure, happiness is in short supply when everywhere you look seems gloom.

So to help lift your spirits, here are some ways that I’ve found works best for me to stay happy and healthy:

  1. Exercise and get some sun
    While I am not an…

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