I’m Voting For The Democrat In November Because I’m Not A Human Tire Fire (October 2016 Edition)
Sara Benincasa

I love the title of this. It is brilliant.

I’m not sure I can entirely get behind the piece, because I’m not sure I can shame anyone for voting their conscience, that if they feel best represented by the libertarian or Jill Stein (or even Bernie) that they should abandon that and vote for Hillary because Trump (and moreso the GOP) is currently terrifying to so many of us. This feeling might smack of an idealism that doesn’t bear up under the reality of our political system, but I feel like abandoning it, especially now, would be more dangerous.

It’s the people who supported Sanders who are now planning to stay home that fill me with anger and frustration. Those that think their lack of vote is some meaningful act of protest to the democratic party, to the system. The system looks at young progressives like school kids, filled with feelings and no maturity, responsibility or competency and not voting proves only proves the cynical system right. While I wish that these fellow Sanders supporters would realise that voting for a democrat that could win and keeping pressure on her, the party, and working to get more progressive and liberal people in more positions of power in the party is likely the best way forward right now,(not to mention the down ticket elections!)no matter how distasteful we find it — I would rather them go to the polls and write Bernie in than stay home on election day.

That being said, I do feel like all the people on the left side of the spectrum, (or even the moderate right of the spectrum, pretty much anyone who doesn’t believe absolute bedlam is the way) and doesn’t have a burning fire in their civil soul for another candidate should suck it up and vote for Hillary because even holding steady is measurably better than actively losing ground. I love Sanders, I’m painfully disappointed in the VP pick, I’m frustrated with how conservative politics are in this country and I will vote for Hillary because it’s the only practical choice I have because I have a vagina, I’m queer and pagan and the GOP sweeping the election is truly terrifying to me.

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