We still need to know who voted for who ,and that means an audit.I
Jon Kitchen

It’s interesting you mention this, I’ve been reading down the comment threads here and there’s a lot of “The Electoral College was made to protect X from the tyranny of Y” but they seem to forget that the electoral college is not just the extremely idiosyncratic map but the vote of the electors. Who, to an extent(varying from state to state) can do whatever they think is right as they were charged with preventing an unfit person from becoming President by overruling the election if they deemed it necessary for the good of the Union.

I’ve seen a lot of people angrily criticizing those who’re calling for the Electoral College to be ended, and simultaneously telling those who’re calling for the Electors to vote against Trump where to get off, and how that’s not how this works they have to accept the results of the (technically unfinished because the general election isn’t really the election that legally matters)election.

Dollars to Doughnuts most people vehemently defending how righteous and necessary the Electoral College is would be calling for it to be immediately dissolved if it chooses to go against Trump. I doubt they will do that, and I’m not sure it would turn out as well as many hope, but it would be interesting to see how a lot of people would react to that reality.

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