Blaming Hillary
Michael Arnovitz

People like to invoke Sanders’ name a lot in this election, like he’s some sort of saint or other religious figure, it’s getting a little creepy. (I am a Sanders supporter this trend is making me crazy). Saying whether or not Sanders would’ve done better against Trump is useless, because that race would’ve had to taken place in an alternate universe where he either took the vote of demographics who vote in primaries or we had a political landscape where his young, progressive base actually turned out to vote (both in general and in the primaries!) which is a radically different reality than the one we live in.

The reality that we live in is one where a terrifying number of people only listen to biased sources, and (perhaps not consciously) take a stance of pure opposition to the party they see as the enemy. This seems only to intensify as more media outlets and individuals decide this is the best way to “win” (money, votes, followers, whatever they’re trying to earn) and feed the beast.

I don’t see it turning around anytime soon which is incredibly scary to me, but hopefully I’m wrong.

I realised this comment is kind of indirectly related to this post, but also related to some other things you posted before which might be a little awkward.