So I do not see how a thinking human being could read my comment and come out with what you claimed…
Louis Weeks

Saying that the population is massed in merely four states is patently false. The four top population states come out to a total of 33.2% of the population.

The office of President was not set up to have make-or-break power and most of the power of the Federal government is held in the hands of Congress which is divided up into a two chamber body to give all states and regions representation. The President is meant to make decisions based on the country as an aggregate, provide a check to the power of the congress, and give us a figurehead and leader who can act quickly in times of peril.

I have no interest in turning this into a Trump vs Clinton debate when it was initially about whether the electoral college serves our interests going forward. So this is likely the last reply I’ll make.

Neither Clinton or Trump can fix a lot of the things ailing the rust belt and middle america at this moment in time. Manufacturing and Coal are gone or going for the better part and whether the government sped it or not doesn’t mean they can easily reverse that trend. Especially while worshiping at the altar of the free market, free market forces dictate that it is more effective and profitable to turn to less developed nations for manufacturing labor — changing this reality would require reducing the standard of living of the american worker in a way all Americans should find unacceptable, or engaging in such aggressive trade protectionism it would threaten our ability to participate in the global economy properly. As for coal domestic fracking has added to the nails in that coffin and we’re unlikely to back off of that anytime soon. Backing out or blocking a trade deal isn’t going to reverse these pressures on the american worker.

It will only get worse when self-driving trucks hit our economy, as that will put countless people out of work and really put the screws to small town america. It’s closer than much of the population wants to admit(industry experts are saying within a decade), and when it’s mature it will sail through government easier than imagined because it will make money for those special interests that fund all the politicians on both sides hand over fist.

There has been plenty of painful change happening, I personally don’t really see Trump as the instrument of it, but a fearful reaction against it. I hope I’m wrong, regressive politics would put us at a serious disadvantage on the world stage and in emerging growth heavy industries. Maybe he really will drain the swamp (his current appointments and team point to no) in DC and lead us into a golden age of sorts — it would be a nice change. To be fair I didn’t think Clinton would do much on any of these counts.

I wish you and yours well going forward, and hope we see some of the positive change so many Americans are hungry for.

*small edits made primarily to wording for clarity and tone. 00:45 19.11.16

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