Dear dumb, entitled, insecure, angry men of the world: I am tired of you
Dana Schwartz

This election is too much, and I can’t even imagine if this bullshit new email scramble actually costs her the election. My untreated anxiety cannot endure that this is the reality we live in right now. Trump and Pence with a shot at the Presidency that was credible at any point (I’m unsure if it’s credible now, the media wants me to think so) and the talking heads bemoaning that we live in a “Post-facts” era. (This is a terrifying idea)
Not to mention the crusade promised by the GOP if Hillary wins, denying her court nominations, dragging her, the government, and the people of the world through any potential investigation they remotely can — sowing unrest and chaos in their wake.

I hear you on being tired, but I also dread that the election actually happening will just open up a new deeper level of the hellscape somehow.

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