Ahmad Humeid, Co-Founder and CEO, SYNTAX

If you lived in the Arab region in the past few years, frustration must have become woven, in big and small ways, into the fabric of your daily reality. Regional conflicts and their resulting human tragedies, economic recession, bad governance and squandered human potential have all conspired to put the region in a state of tension and developmental limbo.

Not even the 2018 World Cup gave us a respite, as we watched Saudi Arabia and Qatar play a game, not of football, but of harsh political bickering over the broadcasting rights of the matches!

For the past seven months, SYNTAX has been working on a project which I consider to be one of the most meaningful our company has handled in recent years: designing Amman’s first public transport map.

As I write this, this map is being printed in a limited test quantity, to be distributed to Ammanis who are riding busses, “coasters” and service-taxis to get to their places of work, study, shopping, healthcare, leisure, or simply going home or to visit family or friends.

In a few weeks, the map will be printed in massive quantities for wider distribution. It will be available online and as as mobile apps for iOS and Android.

Since Uber launched in the Jordanian capital Amman in 2015, an “Uberification” craze has swept over the country’s services scene. Everyone now wants to launch the “Uber of this” or the “Uber of that”. It’s understandable of course. Here, finally, was a service on our smart phones that was hugely useful.

I mean, just look at my family. Uber has been making a decent revenue from my teenage son, on one extreme of the age spectrum, and my mom, on the other extreme. My son always had trouble finding taxis in our part of the city. With the lack of…

In May 2013, SYNTAX celebrated its 15th birthday. More than a birthday party we transformed the occasion into what we called SYNTAX/Interface: we opened our offices (and building roof) for a day of ideas, interaction and fun. Our invited speakers, clients, partners, SYNTAXers and ex-SYNTAXers, friends and family all showed up for what turned out to be a great, colorful day.

But it was also a day that signaled the end of an era and the beginning of another.

Technology has changed. The world has changed. We have changed.

Only a decade ago, it was a struggle to convince…


SYNTAX is a design company. We are critical optimists. We create engaging experiences. We start positive transformations. We’re here to connect. Everything.

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