Philanthropy — philosophy of the future world

What is modern philanthropy? The traditional Anglo-American model of philanthropy is widespread: rich people donate money to poor ones through charities. With appearance of new information technologies and the change of world-class philosophy of the 21st century, this model is undergoing restructuring. The philanthropy of the future is being born in our eyes.

The Internet has not only extended ties between continents, but also simplified the search for opportunities. We can easily list funds for the restoration of the Notre Dame Cathedral and for helping neighbors in trouble. The image of the philanthropist — “Rockefeller” has transformed: donations are becoming a good tone for the middle class.

A widespread introduction of the blockade technology in the philanthropy world is awaiting us ahead. Peer-to-peer donations are free operations without intermediaries, and at the same time have maximum transparency.

Charity initiatives have already begun on the largest cryptoplatforms of the world. This innovation is also being prepared by Syntera: the company is planning to allocate 10 million tokens between socially important projects. The amount will be spent in stages during 2 years. Where and how to spend the charity means will be decided together by community members. Everyone will be able to give his vote for or against a particular charity project. The initiative will start when the daily turnover of the SSC coins on the exchanges reaches the mark of 1 million. Stay active and you can change the world for the better!