Supernodes — the ability to manage the future of Syntera

To create a unique decentralized management and financing system, Syntera has improved the mechanisms available in the cryptocurrency market. We are developing the Consensus-platform, a system by means which investors will have an opportunity to influence directly the company’s development direction.

Such an opportunity will be available for investors-owners of SuperNode, who are storing SSC from 1000. Thanks to perfect voting mechanism, SuperNode holders will be able to choose the most important, in their opinion, direction for the company development. Within each timeframe, Syntera is planning to give a certain amount of SSC for development projects, they will be unfrozen from a special pool. And only owners of SuperNode will be able to select the most prioritized and important project for the company at this moment by voting on the Consensus-platform. In addition, the owners of SuperNode will be able to offer their ideas for the development and will get a chance to implement them, if the project seems promising to other members of the community. This capability will be also provided by the Consensus-platform.

Already this year we are planning to launch SuperNodes, and each of you will be able to take advantage of this unique opportunity by keeping 1000 SSC on your Cold Wallet for at least 6 months. Due to this solution, you can get a higher percentage of income from investments, to confirm your confidence in the future of the company and get an impact on its development.

And it is possible to say with confidence that the percentage of investment is really high: the Node owner will receive 18% of the profits when holding for 6 months and 48% when holding for 12 months. The owner of SuperNode will receive even more: 36% for 6 months and 84% for 12 months! By accumulating coins on the Cold Wallet, you can now come closer to creating your first MasterNode and SuperNode.

For those investors who are not yet with us, we can only advise to hurry with the decision — the cost of SSC is constantly growing. The cryptocurrency market will soon come out of a protracted depression, and Syntera will go out on the markets. At this stage, we are expecting a rapid increase in the coin price and suggesting you not to delay the decision, but to get the opportunity of high income today!