What Causes Cancer and How to Reverse It

The Three Aspects of Cancer: Initiation, Growth, and Immune Evasion

Cancer isn’t a “yes or no, on or off” state. Cancer isn’t “nonexistent one day and there the next”. Rather, cancer seeds exist in everyone to a greater or lesser degree, those “seeds” germinate and grow to a greater or lesser degree, and the person’s immune system kills those growing cancer cells to a greater or lesser degree. Thus, in order for someone to get to stage 4 malignant cancer, for example, they need to have had seeds of cancer, those cancer cells grew, and those cancer cells evaded the immune system to such an extent as to threaten the life of the person. In short, a lot has to go wrong for cancer to germinate, grow, and survive.

How to Minimize Cancer Initiation and Transformation

Cancer initiation starts with genetic (or perhaps even epigenetic) changes to nuclear DNA within a cell that causes the cell to replicate more and/or apoptose (die) less reliably. This is called genetic mutation, and it occurs to a greater or lesser degree in everyone throughout life and even in utero. Various cancers are characterized by certain genetic mutations that cause them to replicate more or die less.

How to Minimize Cancer Growth

Besides a mutation, cancers often grow based on anabolic (growth) signals within your body. Growht signals are primarily accomplished through various hormones. This is where it gets tricky because hormones aren’t bad in and of themselves. Anabolic signals within the body not only tell cancer to grow, but they also tell wounds to heal, nerve cells to regenerate, and muscles to grow. Hormones can make you feel good and feel energized. If you have been diagnosed with cancer, you may want to lower your anabolic signaling to decrease cancer growth. This is accomplished by caloric restriction through fasting and select amino acid lowering as well as macronutrient changes.

How to Stimulate Your Immune System to Fight Cancer

The immune system kills most growing cancers within us. Successful cancers, however, have found a way to evade the immune system. Usually, a person’s immune system can be strengthened AND trained to fight cancer. Immune system strengthening is accomplished by dosing your body with lots of healthy vegetables and fruits that include vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, and other antioxidants. Supplements such as herbs can also help strengthen the immune system.


Cancer can be reversed. Many people have done so through lifestyle and dietary changes. You have more power than you know to affect the outcome of your cancer.



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