Have a Horrible Boss? Get Used To It.

As we progress through our careers we will unequivocally encounter a number of people with superior status that will enrage us.

We tend to wonder why some people end up in the positions that they’re in.

How is it possible that I have a degree in said field yet my superior tends not to have a clue about the duties that I’m currently working in?
My boss tends to deny any creative agenda I have that could possibly build the business towards a higher goal…
Why can’t my boss empathize with my current situation?

These thoughts come to people’s minds on a number of occasions but the problem still remains as a key issue. Complaining within your inner thoughts or screaming in the car will only be a minor release but the trouble most people have when it comes to a horrible boss is a sense of understanding why they act the way they do.

On surface an easy answer would be to simply criticize your actions or personality as to why your boss acts the way they are. Nonetheless, we look at these moments as a realization of the griefs in our lives when we should look at these moments as an opportunity for growth.

As an entrepreneur, each moment of grief should be a stepping stone of what you should not do when you eventually become a boss yourself. That moment when you’re felt ignored should be noted that all thoughts count when it comes to the next project you plan with your group in future endeavours.


The ignorance that your boss displays should influence you to keep learning, even when it’s not required for your to be place in a classroom.

One of the reasons why entrepreneurs fail on their business endeavors comes down to lack of knowledge and experience. We spend hours wrapping our minds in self help books or entrepreneurial courses when the answer sheets to the problem are sometimes right in front of our faces, through the failures of our own bosses.

These lessons are not only pertaining towards entrepreneurs but also people who want to start a family in the future. When it comes to parenting, your children are the ones who look to you for answers and just like the boss that frustrates you with their actions, so to can your children. One must be fully prepared to take on the actions with a well developed mind and a helpful soul to progress those who look towards us.

At some point in all of our lives, we’ve felt subordinate to the demands of our parents. For most people; they take the best assets from their parents and then apply it to their own children creating the type of nurture that flourishes throughout the family tree and create an attractive personality for other people we will meet in our lives.

Washington Post

We need the horrible boss in our lives to take as an example of what to look forward in the ongoing demands of business and parenting. The only way people succeed in life is through experience and always learning through the failures of yourself and through others.