Foil Winding Machine

Synthesis India from past two decades is involved in manufacture, design and sales of Foil Winding Machine in Bangalore, India. Foil Winding Machine is manufactured with latest design techniques and high experienced team thus improving the quality of finished products.

Foil Winding Machine is manufactured according to user’s specification offering optimum winding solutions.

Foil Winding Machine is a high end machine which consists of PLC (Programmable logic controller) which is used in the automation i.e. that is used to control machines.

Foil Winding Machine consist of coils with different shapes like Oval, Round and Rectangle etc. Controllers in Synthesis India test the finished products before supplying it to the customers.

Foil Winding Machine is used in various industrial applications for automation and these machines consume less power when compared to other machines.

Thus Synthesis India manufactures this winding machine with high quality raw materials, highly experienced employees and supplies them to different parts of the country.

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