Stator Winding Machine

Synthesis India is best known for Stator Winding Machine manufacturers in Bangalore they not only manufacture Stator Winding Machine but supply and export them to different parts of the country.

Synthesis India mainly involves in design and manufacture of Stator Winding Machine and along with Stator Winding Machine they also manufacture coil winding, transformer winding, and semi- automatic and fully automatic machines.

Stator Winding Machine is also known as automatic winding machines which mainly used in automobile sector. Stator Winding Machine is designed to wind magnetic coils and facilitates cutting and automatic core indexing.

The winding machines manufactured at Synthesis India are smooth in operations and without any defects. Stator Winding Machine are one among the most commonly used winding machines.

Stator Winding Machine is delivered to the customer on time and the cost of these machines are reasonable. Hence Synthesis India is known for the design, manufacture and supply of these machines with zero complaints from the customers.

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