11 essential links on the future of advertising

What brands need to know right now about ad blocking, personalisation and content

Whats the cure for ad blocking? a sharp instrument or something more subtle…
  1. “The estimated loss of revenue due to ad blocking was $21.8bn”
     Our latest insights on personalisation, adblocking and content [Medium | BAM]
     2. “Advertising is a great model, but what is fundamentally wrong today is the implementation” Get a primer on ad blocking [Techcrunch | Mani Gandham]
     3. “How much of your mobile data is eaten by ads?” What the ads on 50 top news websites are costing you [ New York Times | Gregor Aisch]
     4. “Be relevant or be forgotten” The rise of mass personalisation [Deloitte | Ben Perkins]
     5. “There are things going on at my house that I wasn’t fully aware of, I owe you an apology” When personalisation gets creepy [ Forbes | Kashmir Hill]
     6. “Companies including Google, Amazon and Microsoft are paying huge fees” The costs of having your site whitelisted by an ad blocking company [Tech Insider | Lara O’Reilly]
     7. “User generated content has always been terrorist media” The rules of big brands and a profanity API [The Atlantic | Ian Bogost]
     8. “Users are becoming increasingly impatient, needing faster and more instant forms of communication” The latest content marketing trends [Forbes | Jayson DeMers]
     9. “I’m out to upend the ad industry” How web browsers could be the new ad networks [Wired | Klint Finley]
     10. “Why mobile phones are more important than food” Insights from the new Facebook audience optimization tool [The Verge | Dieter Bohn]
     11 “Those who want to see the future of content just have to look into a cardboard box” VR, brand marketing and business opportunities [Contently | Tessa Wegert]

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