26 trends that could derail your marketing strategy in 2016

What smart businesses need to know to right now

  1. “Adblocking is the thing I have been asked most about by clients, tech companies and even regulators” Mobile is the big risk for businesses this year. [The Guardian|Mark Sweney]
  2. “Referral traffic from Facebook passed referral traffic from Google by more than three percent” How social has taken over search as the pathway to news. [Adweek|Damian Radcliffe]
  3. “One of the few workable business models in this age of digital disruption has been to produce as much content as cheaply a possible” We’ve hit peak content so you’d better have a plan of action ready [The Media Briefing |Mr Anderson]
  4. “Chinese buyers accounted for nearly 75% of all global short domain name purchases in 2015” Why you should pay attention to .cn .co and the rest [Quartz | Echo Huang YinYin]
  5. “Mobile is our platform. Open is our model. Global is our market. Data is our fuel. Video is our medium. Talent is our differentiator.” What CMOs from AOL and 71 other major brands are doing right now to keep competitive [Cmo.com | Gayle Kesten]
  6. “Great companies often look like bad ideas in the beginning” Thoughts on business decision trees, permutations and combinations [Medium|Josh Nussbaum]
  7. “Your phone is listening - literally listening - to your TV” How audio beacons are silently identifying mobile device use [The Atlantic |Kaveh Waddell]
  8. “What first mover means is first mover to scale. If you don’t play the move-fast game, you can frequently lose out to someone who is” Don’t fail fast, scale fast. [Wired.com | Cade Metz]
  9. “Threads are the new apps” Facebook wants to to use its messaging platform to kill off the phone number - and apps - in 2016. [Facebook Newsroom | David Marcus]
  10. ‘Innovation at speed comes in an unintended consequence - a never-ending glut of options” Taking things off the thinking list is a competitive advantage in the era of all-you-can choose. [Accenture| Fjord]
  11. The big difference between disruptive innovation and plain disruption” Why the word disruption is bankrupt. [The Guardian | Leigh Alexander]
  12. “No one knew how big the cloud was going to be” Private cloud bad. Public cloud (i.e. Amazon, Google FB) good - and seeing massive growth in business use. [Wired.com | Cade Metz]
  13. “The extortionist in your Fridge” The Internet of Things and how to protect your brand - and privacy [The Atlantic |Kaveh Waddell]
  14. “Brands will have to become familiar with the concept of TL;DR (Too long didn’t read)” How twitter’s move to 10,000 character impacts brand marketing [AdWeek | Marty Swant]
  15. “The best thing you can do is destroy it quickly, as if every email were a rabid bat attacking your face”. Why email as a communication tool isn’t dying anytime soon [The Atlantic | Adrienne LaFrance]
  16. “Unrealistic deadlines don’t help anybody, a little knowledge can be a dangerous thing” How to stop underestimating project timelines. [Pricenomics | SketchDeck]
  17. “Apple and Google both won the platform war, but it’s complicated” 16 Theses on the future of mobile and how it impacts brands, customers and users [Ben Evans | Twitter]
  18. “Have we discovered anything new in 2016?” Roundup of new opportunities in tech and marketing from CES in Las Vegas [Forbes | Brad Auerbach]
  19. “With the widespread adoption of the Internet of Things (IoT), we will see a flood of structured data and unstructured data insights.” Opportunities to use data signals to understand what the consumer needs before they do. [Econsultancy | Lindsay McEwan]
  20. “Unlimited data could be a big selling point for customers tired of data caps and looking for unfettered access to high-def video”. Mobile operators are ramping uncapped data plans for mobile and TV customers [ReCode | Ina Fried
  21. “An open platform has a direct impact on a company’s ability to grow and innovate”. How a mature ticketing business is opening up in the API economy [Ticketmaster | Ismail Elshareef]
  22. “The Subscription Video On Demand (SVOD) wars are just beginning.” Large audiences viewing free video content are a powerful funnel. ReCode | Richard Raddon
  23. Forecasts suggest that UK ad spend will break the £20bn barrier in 2016” A Google blog view on how the big issues will play out. Think with Google | Mark Howe
  24. “People don’t so much buy products as hire them to perform jobs in their lives” Job Theory and the science of launching successful new products. [Neilsen | Twitter]
  25. “Digitisation of the workforce will require a sweeping rethink of organizational structures, influence, and control” The necessary thinking to win hearts and minds McKinsey | Twitter
  26. “Everything Google is working on in 2016”. What you need to know for next for Alphabet’s next moves — VR, Glass, Cars, Cloud and more ARS Technica | Ron Amadeo

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