#TGE-SH Synthium Health’s Token Generation Event Pre-Sale

Our Platform’s Magic:

Synthium Health, a healthcare specific eCommerce platform enables providers and suppliers to engage in a single environment, sans middle layers. In an effort to solve supply chain inefficiencies, specifically for medical devices and surgical supplies industry, instituting block-chain technology will be the key to manage this visibility and drastically reduce costs.

An easy-to-navigate browsing dashboard finally gives healthcare facilities a place to shop around and see various products — no matter what price range they’re looking for. Suppliers also enjoy unmatched visibility regardless of their brand’s clout.

Synthium simplifies the process of getting what you need, when you need it. Orders can be placed directly and deliveries scheduled at the time that’s perfect for you.

Pay multiple vendors at one time and even set up payment schedules.

Providers can schedule and manage surgeries using our surgery management module. On the other end, manufacturers have the ability to provide JIT delivery for any surgical schedule.

Learn about new products by requesting materials from suppliers at any time — and even request samples and schedule reps.

Without any interruption to operations, Synthium can integrate with any current procurement process or system.

Users get immediate access to reports on purchases, analytics, and other data collections.

Synthium has the ability to leverage this burgeoning trend and integrate it into the procurement process. This allows both parties to manage the customized printing and shipping process, while cutting down on wait time.

This proprietary technology retrieves specific product search results from multiple distributors/vendors and displays the results in a user-friendly matrix — all in real time.




Pre-sale starts: Thursday, October 19, 2017 — Thudsday, October 26, 2017 (one week)

Follow the news and updates on our Token Generation Website at Synthium Health

Transforming healthcare supply chain, one member at a time.

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