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In a sphere where lots of projects are born everyday, we need to focus on delivering the best solution for the long run. One of the most important part of a cryptocurrency is its economy. We, at Syndicate had a busy month in terms of development and future plans and that’s why we want to share with you the following changes:

New specifications

Fixed block reward: 70% for MNs, 30% for stakers

from block 346000 to block 432799 – 9 synx per block — MN Collateral: 5,000
from block 432800 to block 519599 – 8 synx per block — MN Collateral: 10,000
from block 519600 to block 606399 – 7 synx per block — MN Collateral: 15,000
from block 606400 to block 693199 – 6 synx per block — MN Collateral: 20,000
from block 693200 to block 779999 – 5 synx per block — MN Collateral…

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While our progress with the Business Platform is moving forward in the background, we expect to finish and start testing it by the end of september. Until then, we have some exciting new developments to share with you. After roughtly talks with our community, we decided to change the specification of the network. We think this is an important update for our future plans and also for the long run benefits.

Starting from block 300,000 Seesaw algorithm will be removed, coin emission rate will be decreased, masternode collateral will be increased and block rewards will be adjusted to: 70% for MNs and 30% for stakers. …

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It was a busy month for our Core team here at Syndicate, and we are happy to announce that we managed to finish some important tasks. Bellow you have detailed info about what we’ve accomplished during this last month.

  1. Syndicate brand

For a brand is very important how professional it looks. A professional look will attract great opportunities and new investors. As you can see, we have a brand new logo and a fresh and clean re-design of our website.

2. Team additions

Rodrigo Quijano and Jermann have been hired as community managers, they will help Kwiksand to complete his tasks. Having three experienced admins in PoS & MN support, will make our investors feel comfortable with our technology and it will be easier for them to set up or resolve wallet issues. …

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Please vote for the latest Community Superblock!

To ensure ongoing evolution and development of the Syndicate, MN owners need to vote either “yes” or “no” on the proposals. Voting will close on 14th of July!

There are 3 proposals submitted for Superblock 160000.

Proposal 1: Development Team

Continued development on UI/QT
Fix bugs in QT
Code review and audits
Wallet UI redesign
Recruit and interview team members to support Syndicate initiatives
Business Platform implementation
Bring community ideas to life

Total: 20000 SYNX

Proposal 2: Marketing

Synchronize and drive community and team efforts
Event planning and event management
Strategic marketing and advertising campaign development
Social media profile of Syndicate
Write client unit tests and documentation
Newsletter graphics, roadmap gfx, whitepaper…

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Welcome to the brand new Syndicate Medium. This will be the place where we are going to keep you up with our latest updates and our plans for the bright future of Syndicate, that our expanding team and community will build together starting with the sucessful swap and distribution that just happened last week.

After a successful distribution, it’s time to move forward. So, lets see what’s next:


Many of you are asking about the distribution. Fair enough! One of the first things that we will do next is a diagram where everybody can see what has been done regarding this matter. …

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If your coins are in Bittrex Exchange them will be automatically swaped on 8th of May

If your coins are in your wallet there are two methods to swap your coins:

1.Press Windows start button and type in %appdata%

Click Roaming on Windows 7 or %appdata% on Windows 10 then find Folder Syndicate, copy wallet.dat and paste it in a safe folder

Delete Syndicate folder and install the new wallet (Syndicate v2.0)

Move wallet.dat from your safe folder into Syndicate folder and replace the new one with the old one


2. Open Syndicate wallet

Go to Tools -> Debug window -> Console…

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This guide will show you how to download, install and configure masternode using Windows PC and Vultr VPS.

Here is the things you will need.

1. Wallet

First download wallet to your Windows PC from the official git-hub:

2. Bootstrap

3. Putty

Once you downloaded all of the above, let’s start with preparing your wallet.

When you extract zip file from above, you will have 4 files


Syndicate ( SYNX )

Welcome to the brand new Syndicate Medium. This will be the place where we are going to keep you up with our latest updates and our plans.

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