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It was a busy month for our Core team here at Syndicate, and we are happy to announce that we managed to finish some important tasks. Bellow you have detailed info about what we’ve accomplished during this last month.

  1. Syndicate brand

For a brand is very important how professional it looks. A professional look will attract great opportunities and new investors. As you can see, we have a brand new logo and a fresh and clean re-design of our website.

2. Team additions

Rodrigo Quijano and Jermann have been hired as community managers, they will help Kwiksand to complete his tasks. Having three experienced admins in PoS & MN support, will make our investors feel comfortable with our technology and it will be easier for them to set up or resolve wallet issues.

3. Exchange listings

We have been listed back on Cryptopia and all user balances from the old coin has been swapped 1:1 for the new SYNX coin.

Giving access to other investors to our project is a goal which needs to be achieved step by step and that’s why we have listed SYNX on FUBT, a Hong Kong based exchange.

In our vision, in a few years all the entire world will be decentralized and a step forward for us is to build a solid road for SYNX to be part of it. Regarding listings we chose Crypto Bridge to be our first decentralized exchange where you can trade from now on, without involving a 3rd party.



Fubt Exchange:

4. MN stats listing

We know how important is for us to be part of MN stats websites and that’s why we have accomplished four listing on some of the most used MN stats.





5. Partnerships

As most of you already know, we have signed a contract to implement the IBMs asset management platform on Hyper Ledger. The platform will be ours and Synx will be used as a method of payment.

Business Platform features:

- Asset Management

- Strategic Inventory Planning & Procurement

- Automated Asset Discovery & Tracking

-Increased Accountability to Ensure Compliance

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What’s coming next ?

1. A new explorer which is already in development

2. A wallet redesign + some improvements

3. More info and previews regarding the Business Platform

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Welcome to the brand new Syndicate Medium. This will be the place where we are going to keep you up with our latest updates and our plans.

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