This guide will show you how to download, install and configure masternode using Windows PC and Vultr VPS.

Here is the things you will need.

1. Wallet

First download wallet to your Windows PC from the official git-hub:

2. Bootstrap

3. Putty

Once you downloaded all of the above, let’s start with preparing your wallet.

When you extract zip file from above, you will have 4 files

You want to launch syndicate-qt.

You may see this warning if you had old version installed previously on same PC. This message means all of your addresses were imported

Then right away when it shows up, shut it down so we can load bootstrap.

Extract your bootstrap to new folder. Then press Windows start button and type in


You should see something like this:

Click Roaming on Windows 7 or %appdata% on Windows 10 then find Folder Syndicate

Go into this folder and copy all of the files extracted from bootstrap to this folder.


Edit syndicate.conf file with notepad

add 2 lines rpcuser and rpcpassword. Both must be different and cannot include special characters. Make a note of it for later use.



Start your wallet again using syndicate-qt and wait for sync to finish. When its finished it should look like this:

Now create a new address and deposit your coins to it.

You should send slightly more than required 5000 to accommodate for possible fees.

Go into wallet options to remove a fee so you can be sure to receive correct amount to your MN address

Also enable coin control on display TAB

Now you can create new Masternode address where you will need to send exactly 5000 SYNX

Copy the address

Paste in in and choose input

Go to Tools -> Debug window -> Console tab

Type in following commands and make a note of them in your notepad for later use

masternode outputs

masternode genkey

Now your transactions will be confirming and meanwhile you can start working on VULTR VPS set-up

Go to your servers and pre-configure your firewall

Allow port 25992 and 25993 for TCP and UDP. Also allow ICMP and SSH from your IP address so you will have access to it via putty

Now create new instance at a location of your preference

Use Ubuntu 17.10

$5/mo server at minimum

Enable IPv6 for more connections

Give it meaningful hostname and deploy

Now you can click on your VPS server and wait for it to come up. It might take a while so you can go back to your PC.

Install and launch putty

Make a connection to IP address of your VPS and log in with root account and accept warning.

Now execute following set-up script.

wget -O ; chmod 777 ; ./

When asked fill out information from your notepad as such:

Confirm that all the information is correct and verify that IP address matches your VPS.

Now create an entry in your PC wallet for your masternode.

Exit your wallet and relaunch it again

Go to masternode tab and press start

When you go back to your putty run command:

syndicate-cli masternode status

Status 4 means everything has worked properly and your masternode is running correctly, you can safely shutdown your wallet.

If you see anything else keep trying to start it from wallet until it succeeds. Sometimes you might need to try after 5 or 10 minutes before it will start.

To check if your mn is sync’ed up run:

syndicate-cli getinfo

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