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May 18, 2018 · 3 min read
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Welcome to the brand new Syndicate Medium. This will be the place where we are going to keep you up with our latest updates and our plans for the bright future of Syndicate, that our expanding team and community will build together starting with the sucessful swap and distribution that just happened last week.

After a successful distribution, it’s time to move forward. So, lets see what’s next:


Many of you are asking about the distribution. Fair enough! One of the first things that we will do next is a diagram where everybody can see what has been done regarding this matter. We will keep it as transparent as we can, and update it, when and if its the case.

2. Syndicate brand

If we want to apply for a new listing or to start a partnership we need to make Synx look professional and slick, that’s why we are already working with a graphic designer that will be hired full-time at Syndicate and a webdesign firm to help us make a step forward regarding the Syndicate Brand.

3. Team additions

We would like to thanks “kwiksand” for his hard work and that’s why he will be hired by us to continue his great work. We are fully aware of the fact that we need more team members to cover some of his time and that’s why in the future we will hire more team members such as: community managers, marketing strategist and bitcointalk support.

4. Exchange listings

We are already in touch with exchanges but our main goal is to get listed back on Cryptopia. There are some people who didn’t managed to withdraw their coins on the swap day and we are working with Cryptopia to get people back their new Synx.

Fubt Exchange:

5. & listing

We know how important is for us to get listed back on MN stats websites. was informed about our new chain and they are currently working to update our wallet and Synx should be online very soon.

6. Partnerships

Luka is in touch with IBM and Hyper Ledger for a possible partnership regarding our Business Platform. We have received a proposal from Hyper Ledger for an Enterprise Asset Management but we need to analyze it and make sure it fits to our vision and what we are trying to achieve in the future.

Since most of you already know, Syndicate was not an ICO, its a community driven project and all the proposals from above require significant funds to be pursued. After many talks with our team and a few community members, we concluded that the best way to fund our vision and the expanding team is to setup MN’s, and for the rest we’ll use the remaining funds ( partnerships / exchange listings…).

Impressive work cannot be done without funding, people need to be incentivised in order to move forward and keep working for us, partnerships require funds , and as you already know exchange listings do as well. After the distribution diagram release, we’ll post monthly newsletters about our payments and development here on our Medium account.

Best regards, Syndicate TEAM

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