I Lost 86 Pounds and Learned a Few Things
Chris Higgins

Dear Chris,

I am so moved by this piece that I want to hug you. And- I’m not a hugger. I want to get back in shape. Your story reminds me of the first time I hired a trainer. My life changed. You’re eloquent words describe perfectly how my body changed before my mind did. What happened to me? Out of the 4 years of my life wherein I put my health first- my body changed, as did my attitude, self-esteem, health- and, happiness seemed to spring from a source within me deeper within than I even knew possible.

Then, I walked away. And so, all of the aforementioned consequences of my routine, well, they left me eventually as well.

I am so grateful I read your words tonight. I hope that for me, this is another turning point.


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