The attack was over in seconds

Disclaimer: This is not a polished story, simply an exercise in writing.

The attack was over in seconds. The target was dead but so would they be if they remained here any longer. Bullets were flying over their heads as they looked for a way out from there. Derek leaped from behind the pillar over to the half-wall as bullets filled the void left behind him. He looked over to Aneya and saw her curling up into a ball behind the pillar.

“Come with me if you want to live!”, I yelled.

She looked up with terror in her watery eyes. The tiny woman’s body scoots up behind the pillar, gripping her AEP17-pistol with both hands and she seems to calm down. Two seconds later she leans forwards towards the dead body.

“Be careful!”

She pulls out the combat knife from the dead body, strokes the blood off the sharp blade on the victim’s shirt and then puts the knife down into her holster like it was nothing. How can she suddenly be so calm?

Bullets keeps hitting the pillar and chunks of the bio-plastic are blasted off. Then a burst of lead come towards her from the left. She falls down to the floor, gripping her right arm and manage to let out a gruelling cry for pain. Derek raise his pistol and lets loose the whole magazine in the direction of the shooter.


Her pistol glides over the fake-marble floor towards him but stops in between them. With a jerk in his wrist he releases the empty magazine and like routine his left hand is already reaching for another fresh one. His eyes are fixed on the pistol in the middle, his mind makes plans on how he can save her.

Dereks pistol starts firing as soon as he leaves his cover. His cybernetic left arm keeps the pistol aimed steady even if he moves. He moves towards her pistol, crouched down to avoid the bullets being spewed from the other side of the corridor.

A bullet hits his bionic arm, tearing away the Kevlar-cover and crushing the carbon-nanotubes inside it. The bionic hand locks up, holding down the trigger and spraying bullets in a wide cone. The automatic fire from the gun startles him. As the bullets run out of the pistol he drops down to the ground and in a quick manoeuvre picks up her pistol and rolls behind the pillar.

“Fuck! You need a doctor.”
“I’m fine, really”, she says with a tired voice.

A small pool of crimson blood has formed under her arm and more is slowly pumping from the wound. At least it didn’t hit an artery, Derek thinks for himself.

“Reg, what Aneya?”
“Regen, left pouch.”

He looks at her puffy jacket and finds the zipper for the pocket. He reaches in and grabs a green striped white cylinder with a red cap. He pulls of the cap revealing a thick needle, he plunges the Regen into her thigh. As the needle pierces her skin a small gunpowder charge goes off in the cylinder. The auto injector shoots the drug into her muscles in a few milliseconds. She moans from the forceful injection. He knows that the pain will only rise.

He loosens the grip of his bionic arm and reloads his pistol and takes a few shots from behind the pillar. Aneya stares at her open wound and waits until it starts to close itself. The CORPSEC-forces seem to have called in reinforcements as loud and fast footsteps can be heard from the other side of the corridor.


He looks down in fright at her. His gaze wandering over her body, observing for more wounds. He sees the Regen starting to kick in and feels relieved as he takes a few more shots at the CORPSEC-forces.

The hurt goes away but not the pain. As she feels the nanobots pulling her muscles together, repairing her veins and pushing out bullet fragments, she is reminded that this pain has no likeness. It’s a burning sensation combined with the most gruesome muscle ache. But the worst part is the skin tightening so fast that it feels like it will pull itself off.

Moments later after a series of blackouts and flashes of vision from the shot up office area she manages to stay awake for more than a few seconds. She feels the cold Kevlar-arm tightly wrapped around her waist. She sees only his back, legs and heels of his boots as they are walking.

She still feels pain from her arm but now it has gone towards a warmer feeling. Her right arm is still limp. Derek takes determined steps, kicks open a door and proceeds. By the signage on the walls they seem to be heading towards the garage section.

Her groggy mind hears running boots. She pulls out her AEP-17 from her hip holster with her left hand.


Two CORPSEC-guards fall down behind Derek. Two shells from her pistol tinkle on the hard floor. She blows her blond hair away from her face.

“We have to speed up Derek!”

His old but muscular legs start to slowly jog through the corridor. The garage door slams into the wall as he kicks it open. She nearly loses the grip of her pistol from the force of the impact. Her once groggy mind is now on full alert.

She feels the rocking motion of each stride as he starts to jog towards the matte black APEX ST94. She compensates the swing to keep the gun aimed true.

Three doors swing open as more CORPSEC-forces run towards them. She raises the pistol and let it rip through the magazine. The sound is deafening and the muzzle flashes makes everything feel like a high-end night club. When Derek puts her into the car she doesn’t hear the door close or the engines turn on. She only sees flashes of guards firing at the car as it flies out of the garage.

“I’m going to kill Aedar, this mission was far from easy.”
“Yeah, he’s gonna get fried”
“The attack will be over in seconds!”