Ask your Congressman to Help Syria

Find contact information for all U.S. elected officials here.

We ask you to call your Members of Congress tell them about :

“Hello my name is _____ from _____. I follow Syria very closely because me along with other Americans are supporting a school for orphans in Idlib, Syria. I’ve heard about the recent airstrikes in Iblib which killed civilians including many children all perpetrated by the Assad regime and its allies. We have made personal connections with these amazing people yearning for freedom in war-torn Syria. Can my Senator/ Representative make an effort to publicly condemn Assad’s massacres in Idlib and support the following:

Ask your State Representatives:

  1. to join the Free, Stable and Democratic Syria Caucus.
  2. to support the bill, No Assistance for Assad Act (HR 4681), which looks to reconstruction. It reinforces U.S. and European stated policy that no reconstruction assistance will go to the Syrian regime unless certain human rights reforms are enacted. Likewise, limits on assistance are lifted once these benchmarks are met.

Ask your Senators:

  1. to support the Caesar Syria Civilian Protection Act (HR 1677), which aims to rein in continued hostilities and support accountability. It mandates sanctions on parties materially supporting the Assad regime’s ability to wage war on civilians. Sanctions are lifted once certain humanitarian and diplomatic procedure benchmarks are met.

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