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  • Georgia Weidman

    Georgia Weidman

    Founder of Shevirah and Bulb Security. Author of Penetration Testing: A Hands-On Introduction to Hacking. Fellow at New America. Professor at Tulane and UMUC.

  • Null Byte

    Null Byte

    The aspiring white-hat hacker/security awareness playground

  • Exein


    The firmware security software and middleware that can be injected like a vaccine in the hardware and aims to defend it from inside.

  • @cowtowncoder


    Open Source developer, most known for Jackson data processor (nee “JSON library”), author of many, many other OSS libraries for Java, from ClassMate to Woodstox

  • André Lima

    André Lima

    Reverse Engineer / exploitdev/ researcher; more info at https://andrelima.info

  • Chris Lyne

    Chris Lyne

    Chris is a security researcher. He is a former developer and aims to make the cyber world more secure.

  • alt3kx


    Red Teamer | PentTester | Bug Bounty | 0day guy! | Lone Wolf…l A handy collection of my public Exploits & CVE's, all in one place. https://alt3kx.github.io

  • Sean (zseano)

    Sean (zseano)

    UK WebApp Security Researcher. Creator of BugBountyHunter— designed to help people learn and get involved with hacking. zseano.com & bugbountyhunter.com

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