Syscoin 4.0 Target Release Date

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The Evolution of Syscoin

June 4th, 2019, Syscoin Protocol’s evolution makes it’s final move towards true blockchain scalability. Targeting block number 548662, the protocol will be upgraded around 12PM PST (due to variations in block times, the block number will be updated 2 weeks prior to June 4th).

The Syscoin Development Team, the Syscoin Foundation, the Syscoin Community Marketing Team and Blockchain Foundry are working closely together to effectively spread the word about the new protocol. Stay tuned, we will be sharing a line-up of content leading up to the release that are sure to excite Syscoin veterans and newcomers alike.

Find out more about Syscoin 4.0

Read about the The Evolution of Syscoin Protocol: Syscoin 4.0 for more details about changes to the network, governance funding adjustments, building a bridge to leverage the help of thousands of Ethereum developers, and how Syscoin is tackling the blockchain scalability problem by harnessing Blockchain Foundry’s Z-DAG (Zero Confirmation Directed Acyclic Graph) technology.

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