Syscoin Bridge Rollout Schedule

Jul 18, 2019 · 2 min read

Next-generation functionality with Ethereum and Syscoin 4.1.0 pairing. World’s first trustless cross-chain bridge and shared token supply.

With Syscoin Core 4.1.0, we will have solved two previously unsolved challenges set forth by Dogethereum and the Bitcoin Snack machine problem. Bridging two blockchains together with no middleman, and fast, point-of-sale speed transactions.

Syscoin 4.1.0 will be a mandatory upgrade. While it is a simple upgrade, in order for the Syscoin Bridge to launch successfully and effectively, a number of steps will need to take place in a specific order. This schedule will ensure a smooth rollout. Exchanges and miners require two-weeks lead time to update. We can no longer ask exchanges, miners or masternodes to update without adequate lead-time. Until the Bridge is 100% tested and secure, all dates are estimated unless specified.

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  1. Superblock contract launch.
    Estimated Date July 21, 2019 — Exact Block 75,000
    The Syscoin/Ethereum superblock contract (SYSx) will be deployed on the Ethereum blockchain. The contract address will be made public. This will show that the bridge is present and progressing on the Ethereum blockchain and will allow users to test agent challenge/response events on the Ethereum mainnet.
  2. Bridge Bounty Deadline.
    Aug 10, 2019 10 PM UTC
    The Bridge Bounty set by core developer Jag Sidhu with contributions from community members will be closed.
  3. Syscoin Core 4.1.0 & bridge activation block height announcement. Depending on the bounty outcome, estimated Aug 17, 2019.
    Syscoin Core 4.1.0 will be released to the community. This will be a mandatory upgrade and will be the final upgrade required, giving exchanges, masternodes and miners enough time to facilitate a smooth deployment before the Bridge functionality is triggered. Syscoin 4.1.0 will contain a new target block trigger at block height for the bridge to be enabled on the Syscoin blockchain. Spark 4.1.0 Will be launched simultaneously with 4.1.0 compatibility and improvements
  4. Activation Of the Syscoin-Ethereum Bridge.
    Date and block height to be announced.
    Currently estimated at block 130,000 which is roughly Aug 31st.

    The Syscoin bridge will be activated on the Syscoin Core automatically, enabling burning/minting across the bridge.
  5. Marketing.
    To be determined.
    Marketing will start once bridge is 100% functional with time to capture live mainnet events.

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