Syscoin Weekly Update #41

Syscoin Weekly Update #41

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Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry News

Equicex introduces Physical and Digital Syscoin Visa cards

Syscoin Virtual and Physical Visa cards are now available

Blockchain Foundry Co-Founders Talk Success of AGX Soft Launch

Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry Co-Founders Dan Wasyluk and Jag Sidhu with LODE Ambassador and CTO/Co-Founder of Atomic47 Labs, Dave Olsson

Syscoin and Blockchain Foundry Co-Founders Dan Wasyluk and Jag Sidhu were on-site at last month’s Anarchapulco conference to work with Lode Project for the soft launch and Token Generation Event (TGE) of AGX.

“We’ve been working here on the soft-launch of AGX & we helped with the Blockchain components for it […] Key takeaways are: ways to improve the experience, certain phones the app behaves differently on, things we can make faster and easier; and that is what soft launch is for.” Wasyluk said while speaking with LODE Ambassador and CTO/Co-Founder of Atomic47 Labs, Dave Olsson. Wasyluk continued “It’s cool seeing people from the silver community just as excited about this as people from the crypto community -I don’t know of any other products that bridge those two demographics.”.

Sidhu echoed these views, “The silver and gold stackers appreciated the fact that we are bridging the gap to crypto and the other side of silver and gold. The previous generations didn’t have the appreciation for crypto, and now they can start to see the appreciation and creating this better form of money; and that’s empowering for me.”

“This kind of thing is really beneficial to Syscoin too, AGX and LODE are tokens on the Syscoin platform — even while we have been here, Jag has made improvements to Syscoin 4, which is forthcoming[…]Seeing the level of use that we are seeing here of a real token has surfaced some of these other sorts of discoveries that we’ve been able to leverage improvements on within the core itself” Wasyluk said; Olsson concluded by stating that “We are one step closer to AGX in the wild”.

Blockchain Foundry Inc. OTC:BLFDF), is a leading North American Blockchain Development firm, it partnered with the LODE Community, an organized group of like-minded silver enthusiasts with members from more than 96 countries.

LODE is building the world’s first Cryptographic Silver Monetary Systemutilizing the blockchain protocol to enable the creation and distribution of two tokenized assets, each representing a unique relationship with investment-grade silver.

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan Wasyluk

Q: Re your comment on java, do the requirements for exchanges vary that drastically from say Bittrex to say Binance ?

A: In sys4 Jag also added a bunch of indexing stuff to the core so that exchanges could more readily work with assets. We consulted directly with exchanges for those requirements, but some exchanges still run stuff on top of syscoind to talk to it, those guys wanted syscoinj basically and so we kinda did both, because we ended up needing a lite version of syscoinj for sys4 anyway, since the agent (superblock) code runs in java.

Q: Since a sysx asset will be redeemeble for sys4 and vice versa, is this something that you anticipate being possible directly on say a binance like platform or am I misunderstanding the bridge?

A: Yeah we wanna see sysx listed. I think there would be interesting markets that can come from that too. Like what would a sys/sysx market look like. Should be 1:1 but if the market sees more value on one side than the other… who knows

and of course having an erc20 representation for SYS means you can integrate into a lot of services that support that framework, since erc20 is a standard across all these services now.

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