Community Weekly Update Syscoin #17

This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news! Thank you to our Slack member @blgh for compiling this update. Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can can also be found on the new website!

Work Has Begun on!

SCMT is proud to announce that work on the new website has officially begun!

We partnered up with leading design studio, Brightscout for the design elements, and Dotline will be taking care of things under the hood. We are very grateful to our Slack channel member (and all-round Syscoin good guy) @johnp who made this possible by paying the first half of the design costs; the current Syscoin price would make it impossible to keep SCMT alive after we paid the first installment, but thanks to John we can keep things rolling here and start building the long awaited website!

“If you believe in something, support it…” — @johnp

We look forward to sharing some WIP screenshots soon!

Syscoin & BCF news

Blockmarket 3.1.3 Launched!

We are pleased to announce the release of Blockmarket 3.1.3, the latest build of our flagship HTML5 wallet with a built-in decentralized marketplace, asset creation, custom token creation, decentralized identities, escrow service and more!

Blockchain Foundry’s Blockmarket team have addressed the majority of issues from Blockmarket 3.0 and are confident that this is the most stable release yet.

Here are some highlights:

  • FASTER live updates
  • FASTER transactions
  • FASTER messaging
  • Messages are now free and you will receive confirmation messages.
  • Fixed import bmdumpwallet.dat issues
  • Fixed syncing and reindexing issues
  • Added better encryption key handling
  • NEW: Added Alias transfer functionality
  • Changed Basic/Advanced Aliases to Alias/Personalized Aliases: One screen to rule them all (no more basic or advanced) for creating an alias
  • New: Screen for editing alias data
  • New: Personalize alias (this is where you can set and edit your avatar as well as your social media URLs)

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Weekly Q&A with Dan Wasyluk — Blockchain Foundry CEO

Blockmarket Web

  • Blockmarket Web has not been permanently shelved, it has been put on a back burner while the dev team prioritise Pangolin, which is critical to BM’s success.
  • Pangolin has focus within the development team because it is a prerequisite to making sure BMWeb has the functionalities it needs; namely browser-based syscoin transactions. Other products currently in ongoing development are Blockmarket Desktop (which serves as the beta-version of Web) and Syscoin Core.
  • Important to keep in mind: the Syscoin Platform is being built by Blockchain Foundry (BCF) staff. BCF is a public company with a development team of 20+ people. The company needs to generate revenue to grow, and in this growth it will be able to further accelerate the development of the Syscoin Platform and secure completion of all current projects.
  • Although Blockmarket Web is a ground breaking product built on top of the Syscoin Platform, it is worth remembering that the Syscoin Platform can be used for a great variety of utilizations, other than Blockmarket Web. In that respect, the growth, success and real world value of Syscoin is not limited to Blockmarket Web. Other marketplaces can be build as well on top of the platform, as well as a broad variety of other products for different industries (IoT, Logistics, Healthcare etc.)

Syscoin Community Developers

Syscoin Fusion is live!

The Syscoin Fusion GitLab will be the main repository in which Syscoin Community developers can experiment, share, play, and discover their way into building open source apps such as marketplaces, wallets and anything else that would benefit from the features offered by the Syscoin blockchain. The repository is already home to projects such as moovr (sell your stuff on the Syscoin marketplace using a video-centric approach), and a whitelabel Asset wallet, for Syscoin asset creators who would like to spin up a bespoke wallet experience for their users. Other projects have also been collected in the GitLab for devs to experiment with and gain inspiration for their own projects.


Slack user @J is a mysterious fellow who gets things done … often with a sense of humour much-needed in the Slack channel! Visit the Syscoin Slack now (#jtime) for a recap on what went down at his inaugural Q&A session!

J-Time takes place every Wednesday in the #jtime channel in the Syscoin Slack.

Blockchain Foundry on the Blockchain Yacht Cruise

Toronto Seminar Sponsored by Scotiabank

Sebastian Schepis will run a Scotiabank-sponsored seminar on the topic of Building an Ecosystem of Blockchain-Based Solutions.

Non-mandatory upgrade: Syscoin 3.1.3. Core Release

Our community member JohnP wrote a extended article on Medium about how to upgrade your Syscoin Core to 3.1.3. Checkout the article here.

the repository on Github can be found here

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