Syscoin Community Weekly Update #21

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Syscoin, SCMT, and BCF News

The Dutch Cryptocurrency Exchange Bitladon now Supports Syscoin.

Bitladon is a new cryptocurrency exchange platform where you can deposit funds to your account using iDeal. Once you’ve bought Syscoin with your deposited Euros, they will be available immediately in your account.

Syscoin Monthly Governance Funding

The Syscoin platform has successfully issued its monthly governance funding to:

  1. 100k SYS: re-design by Brightscout (SCMT)
  2. 50k SYS: Asia community fund
  3. 10k SYS: Jag’s TPS testing fund
  4. 8k SYS: Dev tips

A New Mini-Proposal Round Opens this Month

Community Mini-Proposal round 5 is open! Are you a forward-thinking developer or someone with a novel idea for guerrila marketing? File your governance mini-proposal and receive up to 500$ worth of SYS this month!

Syscoin Community Developers on Trello

Keep up-to-date on noteworthy projects started by developers of the Syscoin Community, through our Trello board. Join the community-dev channel in #Slack and help shape the future of #Syscoin:

BCF outlined their use cases for Business Licence and Voting

  • Business Licenses on the Blockchain: Blockchain technology can provide a simple solution to issuing, validating, and maintaining data for business licenses. Built on the Syscoin blockchain.
  • Voting on the Blockchain: Blockchain-based voting can restore faith and trust in a voting system while improving tabulation speed and accuracy.

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan Wasyluk

  • Dan: “We are working on some partnerships that I think the SYS community will appreciate the value of as we start to tout them a bit more, I do think we will be able to share them in the upcoming months, there are still a lot of moving parts relative to them and it’s a _partnership_ so when our partner is comfortable with us talking about it more openly we’ll be happy to do that. Right now there is still a lot of other stuff that has to be sorted out (marketing, technical, rollout) wise before we can share more openly but it aligns very well w the pangolin plans, making it easier to access and use SYS on various sites, etc which is exciting in itself because that has been a major hurdle for us in planning products and such”.
  • Dan: “This week we are in Vancouver and had some pretty fantastic discussions with Jag and Sebastian Schepsis about SYS4 and a whole product direction on top of that which I’m excited to share more on as well once we crystalize those plans just a little further. We have a pretty good vision on how that is going to play out now, it’s more pinning down the roadmap beyond the MVP release of those upgrades and confirming a few things legally, re: impact on utility token etc.
  • Dan: “Then we can share a proper roadmap that includes not only some pretty amazing protocol level enhancements but also product plans on top of that protocol (the product is actually protocol agnostic but it’s what we will use to serve clients on SYS and other platforms very rapidly and will enable cross-chain hybrid dapps)”.
  • Dan: “Lots of research happening this week around SYS4 with a bunch of Proof of Concept-code being written too. Jag was at our AirBnB for 3hrs Saturday diagramming and talkin tech with Sebastien and I it was really good. Among others about contract execution, scalability, speed, unique value propositions vs. other protocols, all things that are in the cards for the next gen!”
  • Dan: “The BCF site is looking really nice, its been on a staging site for about a week now as we work out the bugs but its way better than current and the website for Syscoin is in good hands too. With the plans coming together as they are (again… pending some legal) BCF will be well aligned to really plow a lot more effort into Syscoin moving forward! I really want to be able to announce the roadmap along with the BCF plans around Syscoin which is what we are shooting to do and the Syscoin roadmap (protocol) and the BCF roadmap (product on top) but they are definitely interrelated. What we’ve discussed with the SCMT team is more of a single, comprehensive roadmap and that roadmap provides a clear framework for people to ‘plug in to’ in order to share the status of their efforts
    so it will be very cardano-like; no dates, just % and relative ‘phase’ like ‘planning, in development, in testing, beta’ etc. This is something we’re working on”.

Summary of the Weekly AMA with J

J: “Regarding two previous published old-school “roadmaps” for Syscoin.
One of them was a “macro” timeline with various 2018 objectives (5 of them) and the other one was a scorecard with something like 90,000 different items on a checklist. So the story with these here is (un?)fortunately not too dramatic or salacious. For the macro timeline — several of these objectives are in active R&D (when I say active R&D I mean that people at the company are working on these as we speak.). I’m not comfortable stating myself that all of those items would see the light of day in a production capacity this year at this point (there are still a lot of things in very active discussion, as Danno alluded to in his Q&As) but please know they are being looked at. Well, with the exception of “Blockmarket Professional”, but that is largely a white-labelling exercise for BMD (and not actually Syscoin-specific) that we may come back to at a later date (3.2 is being set up to handle this architecturally). So as for the 90K item checklist. Apparently this workspace has now reached the free plan storage limit — tough Slack! You’ll take my upload and like it!”

J: “In retrospect we likely should’ve segmented this into a couple of different checklists so that we didn’t have more specific BMW things (like sharing links on social media) in here. That being said, speaking through most of this list they fit into one of a few categories:

  • BMW (Blockmarket Web) specific (thus also were put off at the time we decided to hold off on BMW)
  • BMD specific with decent ROI
  • BMD specific with limited ROI
  • Syscoin specific (e.g. colored coins / assets, notaries/witnesses)

Concepts that were under investigation (video proofs) vs. things that were planned for a hard implementation. Things that actually didn’t have *anything* to do with a technical todo list and probably ended up on this diagram by mistake. This includes items like multilanguage forums (which incidentally were considered to be way too much work ATM for the ROI they’d produce) and promotional videos. Most of the Syscoin platform specific functionalities that are listed on this roadmap are present in the chain. Some of them are more fleshed out (assets) than others (witnesses,arbiters) but they do exist. As for much of the other items here, as they are very specifically tied to BMW you’d likely see them when you see BMW I would assume/imagine that at a juncture where BMW became a current BCF initiative you’d likely see an updated feature list/roadmap culled from our JIRA”.

J:”And into “how are we solving problems for a vast majority of people? How are we getting people into this space and keeping them there?”

It’s my firm belief that if SYS is easier to use than any other crypto (and its applications are easier to use than any other crypto) then SYS will be the future. Both Dan and Seb come from some portion of UX/UI background, for example. Some of the group currently at BCF does as well, so there is that…I’ll call it “comfortable wrestling” between cool functionalities and “all right, does this change anyone’s lives?”

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