Syscoin Community Weekly Update #30

This weekly update is written by the community for the community, to bring you all the latest Syscoin, Blockchain Foundry and SCMT news! Thank you to our Slack member @blgh for compiling this update. Weekly updates, other articles and a lot more can also be found on the new website!

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Syscoin, SCMT, and BCF News

Hot-off-the-press — LODE Has Landed!

LODE’s AGX token generation event has completed successfully and the team are now set to unleash their crypographic silver money system on the world.

SYSIO v1.0

Community developer Zontar has released v1.0 of SYSIO Dapp endpoints! This will enable developers to access a multitude of data on the Syscoin blockchain.

Press Release


Syscoin Community Dev Meeting: XRouter Demo

During this week’s community developer hangout our friends over at Blocknet demonstrated their innovative toolset for blockchain interoperations: XRouter. Check out the meetup recording below.

Syscoin Facts

A new campaign to bring Syscoin Facts to the masses, here’s the first of many:

BCF Realignment

Blockchain Foundry, a blockchain consultancy formed by Syscoin founder members, has announced it will undergo a significant re-organisation in the coming weeks. The priority is Syscoin 4.0. More in the next update.

New Website: December 18th Launch

The countdown has begun! We’re getting everything polished and ready to migrate to the live server for our December 18th launch.

Move to Discord — Vote results

The community vote to gauge interest in moving from Slack to the Discord has closed and the results are 15 against, 46 in favour. Whether this vote will have any impact remains to be seen…

Community Giveaway from Tiribi Tribe!

News on the latest Tiribi Tribe community giveaway:

Summary of the weekly AMA with Dan

D: “SYS foundation - we are basically closed on this forming the foundation as an entity in the Netherlands. There is still some legal stuff to tie off in additoin to paying the final invoices for it and getting our hard copy paperwork but everything is on track there. We are also working to better fund the SYS foundation via the SYS4 fork, details to follow.”

D: “So this one is difficult to share but we wanted to be transparent about it with our community. Its an unfortunate reality of running a business, particularly in these market conditions. But we have had to lay off a large number of highly-skilled, technical staff who’ve done nothing but great work for us. I certainly feel terrible about it but its part of a reality we’re having to face in the market we’re in. As a result of these changes we’re also going to be pivoting our business strategy at BCF, something I can provide more details on in the next few weeks as ongoing agreements become fully executed. We hope the talented folks we had to let go still maintain an interest in Syscoin and blockchain tech in general.”

D: “The customers we have were in a solution design phase, with a following higher $$ implementation phase, we closed a number of these solution designs in oct/mid nov, as we did that, and the market got much worse, these clients realized they were unable to raise the funds needed to fund a 2nd phase and technical assets we’d had ‘ready to go’ for this work then had no work to do…. and given the trend, we weren’t going to make bets on any new clients with promises of large implementation deals until we literally had their $$ in the bank, thus we had to make hard choices. This doesnt slow sys4, we have kept basically all of the ‘sys founding team’ and Seb and I have also started to chip in on Sys4 work, along with taking on existing client work. Its been working out decent so far”

D: “The Lode demo we did this week went great — we’re ahead of schedule there and should be able to help them out with some additional keey things they are needing for their plans.”

Summary of the weekly AMA with J

Postponed till next week.

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