50 years ago this week, three men set sail — in the immortal words of JFK — “on the most hazardous and dangerous and greatest adventure on which man has ever embarked.” Their mission was to be the first of humankind to land on, and roam among the unknown crags of, the surface of our nearest heavenly neighbor — and to return safely to the earth. The success of Apollo 11’s mission was far from assured. In fact, as billions turned their gaze skyward to see if astronauts Armstrong, Aldrin, and Collins would be successful in their attempt to land…

The need for a smart payments platform for merchants and consumers.

Overview: The e-Commerce Big Bang in India

There are more than a few investors in Silicon Valley that fall victim to the thinking that the best ideas in tech are formed in the Bay Area, or that deals overseas are just not worth the trouble. After all, many of the iconic tech companies — Intel, Apple, Oracle, Google, Uber, Facebook, AirBNB, just to name a few — were born here so why look elsewhere? However, investors in tech would be wise to pay attention to what’s happening in…

“[The] markets look a lot less efficient from the banks of the Hudson than they do the banks of the Charles.” — Fischer Black


Friends: I’d like to post an essay here. It’s about a photograph that helped change the way we view our world. Bear with me, and all I ask is that you keep an open mind when reading this — I promise I have a point, and perhaps one that’s even worth sharing.

“Earthrise” — as the photo became known — was taken by Bill Anders, who was part of the three man crew of Apollo 8 that in December 1968 were the first to travel to the moon. …

Leadership. Teamwork. Competing just for the pure love of it. Stepping aside for the good of your group, yet offering to mentor your replacement. God damn it. Of all things, Tony Romo, just made me cry. https://shar.es/1IOMx5

Hey, #TonyRomo — the Browns would love to have you!

The Better Angels of Our Nature

So imagine what might be on Obama’s mind as he first meets the POTUS-elect. One can easily imagine that not far from it is the fact that his successor was early to adopt a lie that was purpose-built to shame and discredit you because you were the first black POTUS. You also know that the man you are about to meet for the first time is now a peer. …

Meeting Ernie

First, a bit of background. My family emigrated to the North Side of Chicago (Rogers Park) nearly fifty years ago from Korea. My dad, a lifelong fan of baseball, loved the Cubs and his favorite player of all time was Ernie Banks. He got to see Ernie’s final seasons while there. If you grew up in Chicago, especially the North Side of town, the Cubs were your team, and Ernie was the man you backed.

Fast forward to 2014. I was in Chicago for business meetings, and while waiting for a colleague at the lobby of our hotel…

Friends — I want to share some thoughts on the issues underlying the recent election, the results of which caught many, myself included, by surprise. Lost in the discourse and din over the outsized personalities of the presidential candidates was the opportunity to have a substantive national debate over policy. The complexity of the debate that needs to happen is not to be underestimated — and it certainly does not adhere neatly to the limit of 140 characters. Thus, I ask that you bear with me — as it my hope that what follows gives you some food for thought…

Friends: what we saw last night was truly remarkable. Never before in modern political history has anyone witnessed a debate like the one held yesterday.

Unfolding in real time on live TV was a man who ditched the dog whistle altogether and doubled-down on his message of fear, hate and the need for strong man rule. He offered red meat to his base, but did he expand his following of supporters? Only time will tell.

Among other things the candidate noted: (1) he will use the Oval office to extact revenge and jail his political opponent; (2) repeatedly downplayed his…

Someone on Quora asked me what’s the importance of the Federal Reserve System. Here’s my posting from earlier today.

Before the Federal Reserve system was created a little more than 100 years ago, bank panics happened with regularity in the US. For most of the early part of the history of the U.S., the banking system was:

“a hodgepodge of state-chartered banks not subject to federal regulation. By 1860, nearly 8,000 state banks operated, each issuing its own paper notes. Some of the more marginal institutions were known as ‘wildcat banks’ supposedly because they maintained offices in remote areas (‘where…

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