The Better Angels of Our Nature

So imagine what might be on Obama’s mind as he first meets the POTUS-elect. One can easily imagine that not far from it is the fact that his successor was early to adopt a lie that was purpose-built to shame and discredit you because you were the first black POTUS. You also know that the man you are about to meet for the first time is now a peer. You also cannot get away from the fact that he took that carefully crafted thread of you not being an American to absurd heights, and used his “celebrity” status to amplify the ruse at every opportunity for five years.

Despite the wishes of your supporters and advisers, you relent to give the haters what they want — the embarrassment of releasing your birth certificate. You do so because the cost of a personal embarrassment is worth being able to focus on your job. The birtherism movement is one with no precedent for a POTUS. Then with weeks to go before the election of this season is complete, the very public face of the lie, DJT, goes on to blame HRC as the actual source before finally admitting that “President Obama was born in America. Period.” And in ending the press conference where he half-heartedly offers these words, DJT moves on without offering an apology. Instead he congratulates himself for “doing a good job.”

So how does President Obama handle this first meeting with his adversary? (How would you?)

He handles it, as he does every other test, with the utmost professionalism and patriotism. He’s gracious and treated the POTUS-elect as he himself would have wanted to be treated. He also knows it is his solemn duty as POTUS to help the country heal and come together.

If it was not clear to everyone before, it should be now. I think we all now know who is the bigger man. It’s not even close.

I don’t agree with all of our current POTUS’s policies, but he always served with grace, dignity and patience. 8 years in the Oval Office — the most intense cauldron of politics — and he came through it without a single personal scandal. Let’s see if the POTUS-elect can say the same after his tenure is complete, no matter how long that may be.

God bless this man and his family as they move on to what’s next. No matter what your political party is, we all owe him respect and gratitude.