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So if you expressed the sentiment to me that you’re currently embracing me, tipping my weight against your frame, letting my legs slacken… I’d feel it. That’s interesting, isn’t it?

Let’s talk about that.

So there are some screws loose upstairs, aight? I’m plural, I got a dozen anxiety and trauma problems, there’s probably a bit of autism on top too. With a list like that having minor hallucinations when people express genuine seeming sentiments doesn’t seem too weird, and almost seems like a bit of a blessing, right? Getting to feel people holding me, hugging me, patting me on…

How I feel reading posts like the one I’m about to respond to

Content Warnings: Suicide, Mental Illness, Domestic Violence

Other Content Warnings: Out of Context Examples, Wanting Pieces of Fiction to be Things they Aren’t, Too Many People RTing this on my TL

(spoilers for Doki Doki Literature Club duh)

Okay so I just read a pretty bad medium post which has been clogging up my twitter TL a little. I’m tired, I’m hating my body as usual and I see bad argumentation. So let’s go!

You can probably read this point for point refutation without reading the original post but my complaints might not make too much sense, so maybe you…


Most of the posts are written by Ashley. You probably know us from elsewhere.

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