we cannot see much, any more, higher than the ground. yet there we all lie, some lost, some found.

as my future awaited, I was right on time for worksource. the neatly repackaged item was easy enough to spot with its orange tip and easy enough to steer around without the parking space being one of those forsaken conspirators labeled ‘compact’. as i pulled into the space outside the building i thought of my messenger bag, the time, my wife, my stuff, and then the adage regarding first impressions. smirking in my own mind, I carefully picked up the hypodermic needle and walked to the door. in that short span of time i agreed with whatever hypothetical panel i was weighing my options with in my mind and decided to hold the needle out from my body and inbetween my thumb and index as if it were icky — simply so that none of the large group of persons inside the state building would think anything other than “that man just found that needle.”

after figuring out how to wrap it up to pass it along upon finding out there was no biological waste disposal, i made it to class. it wasn’t that i did anything super important or that it was really significant, but you never get a second chance to carry a used needle from a parking lot into a state building on the way to your first job class. and this was the time that

i got called a rockstar.