*New Feature* ClickUp Whiteboard Review

ClickUp just released a new feature that will become one of the most useful tools for many people — especially those who work best with visual elements! Whiteboards in ClickUp are a great way to brainstorm either by yourself or with a team. It helps bring big concepts into a tangible project.

P.S.: Click the hyperlinked text to go exactly to the part of the video where we mention each feature!

To add a Whiteboard, first, you need to click Add view and then choose Whiteboard. It’s a new feature, but we think a great way to use them is by adding a square or any shape that you prefer, changing the color, and writing one of your blog topics in it.

Then you can attach a task to your topic, for example, you can get an idea from your list of ideas right within ClickUp. (We have a video on this, click here to watch How to organize Ideas in ClickUp)

Now it’s just time to try out everything Whiteboards have to offer! There are many other interesting features, for example, you can add text, highlight it, change its color, or even type notes.

Watch Amalie Show You How ToUse Whiteboard in ClickUp:

Read The New Feature Whiteboard Review Video Transcript

Amalie Shaffer 0:02

Hi, I’m Amalie with Systematic Excellence Consulting. And I’m going to go over the new feature whiteboard. I just did a video on how to organize your ideas in ClickUp. And I thought that going over the whiteboard feature would be a good idea, since it kind of relates to, you know, brainstorming and organizing ideas. So I have one created. So it’s a view just like the list view or the board view.

So what I did is I just added a view, I just clicked on whiteboarding, you hit Add View, and it’ll add a new whiteboard or a new view. And as you can see, I have two. So I’m just gonna, I’m gonna start with the one I created just to kind of show what I did. Now, this is a brand new feature. So there are some things that are a little funny. I’m gonna be honest, as I was kind of playing around with it. But I think it has potential, especially for people who are very visual when they plan.

So what I did here is I created a topic, you know, just a topic, one from the square option. And then there’s different shapes that you can place here. And then you can also change the color of it. So if I want to change the color, I would just click here, change the color. And I did Topic One, two, and three, and then I created the connectors.

So to create the connectors, you just click on this, and you draw a line from one to the other, and it’ll create the arrow. Now the only thing is, is that I haven’t figured out how you can change the direction of that. So I might have to delete it because it looks a little crooked. So if you’re anything like me, that might annoy you, you can make them bigger or smaller. You can also add, instead of a straight line, a squiggly line, or you can change the color of it, and you can delete it.

Now, what I was thinking here is let’s say that this is a blog topic. And we want to attach a specific task to it that have maybe some quote cards that are relevant to it, let’s say we can add a task. So if I click on this, I can browse tasks and go to my ideas. So let’s say I go to blog ideas. And I’m just going to pick topic one. And it’ll load. So let’s say blog topic one goes here. And then I can move all of these things up.

I can move them up. Oh, and I guess that’s the way you would move it. But I haven’t figured out how to move the arrow, but I’d move the boxes so we can move them up here. I can put the task here. And if I want to, you know, put a connector between the two, I can do that. And so it’ll connect them. And then we can say, you know, maybe these are related, the quote ideas are related. So just click on that. Here.

One thing that, let’s see, so well, I just want to add a few things. So if I’m going to do text, I can put text up here, texture, title, whiteboard, so you can add some notes there, then you have options for a notes block. So I would just add, you know, if I wanted to add that here, and maybe I want to change the color of that, so maybe notes are in white. And then I can type my, it’s a little slow, so I can type my notes here. And I’d have you know, my what they call these the shapes, they call these the notes and then the lines so the connectors are there.

You can draw, so if you wanted to draw, and then I figured out that the way that you delete that is you highlight it, and then hit delete, which is kind of cool because if I kept that drawing there, let’s say I kept this here, and I wanted to change the color of it, I would just because you want to change it from move to select. So once I select that, and I want to change the color, I can change the color of the text without having to redraw it. And if I want to delete it, I just highlight it and hit the little trashcan here.

Now I’m trying to think if there was anything else, so I was trying to add a bookmark, but it would not. Yeah, I don’t know it, I don’t know where it went. And maybe that’s, you know, something that I need to kind of look into to figure out what’s going on and why, but I can’t seem to find I can’t seem to find the bookmark.

Now, if I put this onto the hand, it’s just going to move the screen, not move the individual items, if I want to move the individual items, or, you know, pieces here, then I would have to have the pointer. And then if I switch it to the hand, now I can move the whole thing.

Now I’m going to upload an image to show you because when you upload an image, if it’s a larger image, it’ll upload the full size of the image, which is a little awkward. And it’s really big, it’ll upload really large so but I can upload images. So let’s say, I’ll just go here, I’m just going to pick this image that I just recently uploaded. And see it, it’s really large. So in order to make it smaller, I’m going to select it. And I’m gonna move it now what I did in order to make that a little faster, is I just moved the whole screen down to where the image corner is, if I can find it, hold on. There we go, I think we’re almost there. Okay.

And then I move the selector, and I then made it smaller, move the selector, move the thing, move the page till I can see it again, the selector. So at this point, I probably wouldn’t recommend uploading images, if you’re going to have images, if you watch the how to manage ideas in ClickUp, I go over how I recommend organizing images and things like that in ClickUp to help you, you know, organize your content or ideas, I don’t necessarily think I would, personally, I probably wouldn’t be uploading them here, just because it’s a little, I don’t know, it’s a little funny on how they how it looks.

And then you can also like use your cursor to scroll. Just to remember, if you want to move the whole screen, you got to switch to the hand, or the move versus the selector.

So those are, you know, that’s just the general gist of the whiteboard, I think that it definitely has some potential. If you’re a more of a visual sort of person, and you’d like to see things laid out, I think that this would be really helpful for you. I’m not personally like that. The way that I showed how to organize ideas in my last video, is really how I prefer to see things. But I could see how this would be useful for someone that is a more visual person.

Anyway, I hope that was helpful. And this is in beta. So I assume that they will be making more changes to it and upgrades to it. But it’s definitely worth a try to see if it’s helpful for you to organize your ideas and planning and things like that. I think that this would work also is in planning, let’s say a funnel. I definitely think that that could work.

So you know, because I’ve seen people plan their funnels using sticky notes, or not even just a funnel, but you know, your value ladder or something like that, you know, this could be the, you know, opt in page, thank you page, and then maybe use these as like your emails, so maybe this is you know, they get the email number one, email number two, email number three, or you could maybe make-

So the only thing is you can’t change, let’s see, I don’t think I haven’t been able to change the size. Yeah, no, you can’t change the size of these. So normally when I see, when I’ve planned out funnels it using these kinds of shapes like that and other kind of tools like this, I’ve made each email its own small shape. But you know, you could just use each one.

So you could come over here and bring the note down here, and maybe this is email number two, instead of putting them all in one, and then you could really work through your whole funnel to show you know, where the path to people purchasing what that looks like. So I do think that this would be helpful for that.

Like I said, there are still some things, you know, uploading images is a little weird. Adding the tasks because they’re so large, I don’t know if I would do that. But, you know, I definitely, see that there are some opportunities to use this. But like I said, I probably wouldn’t upload images just because they’re so large, maybe not the tasks. Maybe I’d put a link to a task instead of pulling the whole thing up. But I mean, I guess it’s okay the way that it is.

Anyway, I just wanted to give a quick overview of my thoughts on the whiteboard option. I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments, make sure you subscribe for future videos. And if you enjoyed this content, I would really appreciate any support. We have a buy me a coffee link below. Our team spends a lot of hours helping me produce this channel, and every little bit helps.

So please, if you are, you know, feeling generous, you can buy me a coffee and help support the continued production of this free content. Alright, thank you so much.

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