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Growing up as a gamer, I looked for characters I could identify with, and realized early on that if I ever wanted to play games with Native design, I would need to make them myself. I started off by modding video games like Super Mario Bros. and Neverwinter Nights and jumped into Bryce3D and other software. For my thirteenth birthday, I asked my parents for a book on C++. I’ve since developed out my skills more in technical art, design, and writing, but continue on in game development using engines such as Unity3D. I am amazed by the continually expanding accessibility of computing technology and hope to some day see Indigenous-centered game engines built from the code up.

Systers Pass-It-On Systers Anita Borg Institute

Top Row: Chao M., Dilushi P., Ghada I., Graciela R. Bottom Row: Jafrina J., Jean F., Kristen W., Melissa M., Michelle G.

The Pass-It-On Awards program honors Anita Borg’s desire to create a network of women technologists helping one another. Women in computing from around the world apply for this award to receive a cash prize of up to $1,000 each. This award, which is funded by the Systers community and others, allows the winners to “pass on” the benefits of the award and fund their own projects to support other women in technology.

Meet the Anita Borg Institute’s Systers 2017 Pass-It-On Award Winners! This year, we had a total of 10 award winners, all of…

Systers Pass-It-On Systers Anita Borg Institute

Since 2007, Systers Pass-It-On Award winners have been making an impact world wide. This is what our impact looks like globally. Continue reading about the amazing work these women are doing in their communities around the world.

GHC starts in 3 days and we want to make sure everyone is equipped with good information about our community activities.

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Spring 2015 PIO winners hail from Germany, India, Nigeria, Uganda and the United States. They are all passionate about technology and that passion includes helping others and breaking the stereotypes about women and diversity in tech. Read their stories about how they are using technology to fight sexual assaults, help empower women with disabilities, and storytelling through podcasts.

To read each winner’s bio, click on the name on the left margin.

Aditi M. (India)

Project Title: The Computer Literacy Project- Gifting the wings of STEM!

Project Description: This project aims at empowering girls and women with disabilities, by imparting them…

@anitaborg_org @systers_org @systers_awards

International Women’s Day was 8 March 2015. At the @anitaborg_org, we celebrate #womenintech everyday.

We kicked off the #IWD2015 with a week full of great conversations on Twitter Chats. To read and continue the conversation, click on the links.

#GlobalSysters #MakeItHappen

Recognizing we have such a global community, Systers from around the world joined the conversation to provide great resources and educate on their challenges in their countries. Systers joined in from Thailand, United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates (Dubai and Abu Dhabi), Hong Kong, Costa Rica, The Netherlands, Brazil, and Argentina.

Storify >> #GlobalSysters #MakeItHappen for #womensday…


Announcing our Systers Anita Borg Fall 2014 Pass-It-On award winners who are from USA, Burungi, Canada, India, Rwanda, and Uganda. Read about their projects and how they intend to “pass on” the benefits of their awards to impact their communities.

Farzana M. (USA)

Project Title: Diversity Camp for CS: Diversifying the Computer Science K-12 Pipeline through special programming workshops

Project Description: The “Diversity Camp for CS” is intended to be a sustainable project to organize series of workshops delivering Computer Science (CS) concepts to diverse K-12 students throughout the state of Virginia. Each workshop will be organized in two phases. In the…


Announcing our Spring 2014 Pass-It-On award winners who are from USA, Boznia and Herzegovina, Ethiopia, Germany, India, Nepal, Nigeria, Rwanda, Sierra Leone, United Republic of Tanzania, and Uganda. Read about their projects and how they intend to “pass on” the benefits of their awards to impact their communities.

Allyson K. (USA)

Project Title: Expanding opportunities for digital work in Dadaab, Kenya for women and girls

Project Description: In the wake of violence and drought, over 340,000 Somali refugees have temporarily settled in Hagadera, Ifo and Dagahaley refugee camps in Dadaab, Kenya. Over 60% of the camp’s population are women, most of whom…


Pass-It-On Award Winners Spring 2013


In this spring 2013 round, we had 254 applications from 50 countries; a new record. The projects that women were applying for were incredible! Although, we only have a specific budget for each round, the committee reviewed each application and the decision was hard. Please read our winners projects in their own words and how they plan to utilize the award money.

Congratulations to our Spring 2013 Pass-It-On Award Winners!

Leslie B. (Philadelphia, PA. USA)

Project Title: Become a Tech Artist and Educator

Project Description: Leslie will use her award to attend a workshop on ‘Crafting Electricity: Interactive Drawings…


Systers, an Anita Borg Institute Community of Women in Computing. Established in 1987 by Dr. Anita Borg.

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