Pass-It-On Award Winners

Fall 2013

Pass-It-On Award Winners Fall 2013

Our Fall 2013 Pass-It-On award winners are just as innovative as previous winners. Our winners will apply their award monies toward their projects in California, Florida, Washington, D.C., and international locations in Uganda and Zimbabwe. Systers continue to change the world by “passing on” their awards to continue their education in Computing or special projects in their community to help girls and women in technology. Read more about their projects below.

Nakyeyune P. (Uganda)


Project Description: The ICT sensitization center for women and girls, shall involve computer training packages for women and girls who knows to speak and write English in the age bracket of (18-30) who dropped out of school at lower secondary level and studied in village schools where there is no computers. Nakyeyune’s project will equip the trainees with word, excel, access computer skills, and introduce them to the Internet. She teach communication skills, how to search for information from the Internet; e.g. sending emails, charting with friends on face book among other things. Nakyeyune will also advise them to take advantage of the Internet to advance their studies by taking online courses, and how to make use of the computer and Internet to improve their lives. In the year 2014, Nakyeyune expects to have four intakes, and there shall be 2 study sessions day and evening. By the end of year 2014, she expects to have trained a total of 150 women and in computer skills and those who are trained to “pass on” the knowledge to their friends plus husbands and children.

Rupa D. (Bay Area, USA)

Project Title: CodeChix

Project Description: Rupa started CodeChix as a grassroots group in 2009 in her living room in San Jose. The first meeting had 3 members attend and we all wondered where the other women were. It’s been 4 years and CodeChix has a membership base of 300+ engineers and three chapters. Codechix is focused on technical skills, specifically coding/programming as well as domain knowledge. They conduct monthly events in the form of hands-on workshops, hacking sessions and technical talks. They also speak at conferences to promote women engineers. Rupa has been “passing on” her knowledge and experience to many women engineers by mentoring and coaching them (currently mentoring 5 women) for several years. She will continue her mentoring role as well as setting the vision and direction of CodeChix. There have been several women engineers who have benefited greatly from CodeChix both in technical skills as well as being promoted. She hopes to have many more women engineers in industry advance their technical knowledge base and grow the number of women engineers in industry. Her hope is to reverse the current trend of women engineers moving to non-technical roles or dropping out of the industry altogether.

Barbara N. (Uganda)

Project Title: Basic Computer Skills/ICT Training

Project Description: Barbara’s main objective of her project is to ensure that school girls aged 18years and women of Bulange Mengo, Bukesa parish Rubaga Division who have never had Computer Knowledge in their education curriculum are equipped with basic computer skills in Word processing, Databases with Access, Spreadsheets Power Point and Information and Communication. With the support from Inter-build Ltd, Barbara would “pass on” ICT Skills to the targeted group (girls & Women) through providing Hand outs to the participants, Hands-on training, power point presentation, Discussions, Preliminary presentation, brain storming and short lectures. Note that ICT propose ranges between Basic and Advanced. • Basic training is suitable for those who wish to use computer for the first time. • Advanced training will target staffs who wish to enhance ICT skills in different programs.

Krysta C. (Washington, D.C., USA)

Project Title: Cyberjutsu Girls Academy

Project Description: Cyberjutsu Girls Academy offers a wide range of workshops for middle school-aged girls to explore the many areas in technology and cybersecurity. These workshops provide a hands-on, fun, and interactive environment in topics such as web design, mobile application development, computer fundamentals, programming and many more for the girls to participate in. These workshops increase competency and confidence in science, technology, engineering, and math. Krysta and Cyberjutsu Girls Academy will “pass it on” by advocating strongly to increase awareness about the gender gap in STEM fields and providing support for women with an interest in technology-related fields. We plan to have lunch and learn sessions where the girls will hear a woman currently in industry talk about her path so far, and the organizations that were there for here, such as Systers or NCWIT. We want the girls to know they are supported and not alone.

Tariro M. (Zimbabwe)

Project Title: Empowering Teenage Mothers Through Computer Skills Appreciation

Project Description: This is a one of a kind computer skills project designed and targeting teenage mothers. teenage pregnancy is a harsh reality that has taken away many of the young girls ambitions and dreams and more so taken away her chance to further her academics in formal school. in Zimbabwe this is still a contentious issues as the girl is forced to drop out when she gets pregnant while the boy responsible for the pregnancy continues with is education. the girl is left to face the harsh reality of community exclusion and even her own family exclusion, emotional stress, single handed child rearing and long term risks of contracting HIV/AIDS, STDS AND STIS and more so living in poverty due to lack of skills and academic knowledge. The project seeks to target the teenage mothers who were forced to drop out of formal school because of teenage pregnancy. Talent and ambition is lost in most cases based on observation, teenage mothers face the harsh reality of poverty and resort to prostitution in order to raise income for their sustenance and this further poses them to health risks of contracting HIV/AIDS and risking leaving their children as orphans. deeply rooting the lives of these children as well in poverty. Hence, the relevance of this project to help empower the teenage mothers and spread the message of hope again. it is our belief that because of what they went through that does not make them less of a human being and they need love, care and support from the community in order for them to realize their self worth as young women.

Tracey L. (Fort Myers, FL)

Project Title: Girls in Tech: A Hands-On Experience

Project Description: Girls In Tech—A Hands-On Experience will be a one-day technology fair targeted at attracting girls and women to come on campus to experience various aspects of technology and hands-on activities. This will give local female population a sampling of different technology activities such as game programming with Kodu Game Labs, phone app development with App Inventor, computer hardware, and team building skills. Tracey will “pass it on” by fostering an interest in technology for girls and women; following up by providing technology camps, seminars, and workshops throughout the year for diverse age groups to begin to establish a stable pipeline in our area to nurture further growth and development for women and girls, including underrepresented minorities, in technological fields of study. Girls in Tech recently concluded an Aspire IT camp and our initiative is to continue the momentum that our all-girl middle school programming camp generated. They are currently working on grants from Google and NSF, in addition to seed fund monies through NCWIT to carry on these initiatives as aggressively as possible.

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