Addicted to your smartphone try Social Fever App to restore yourself

If you have a smartphone then most of the time you may have found yourself trapped into the addiction of social applications such as Facebook WhatsApp Instagram etc. Addiction of all these applications not only make us away from the real world but continuous use of the smartphone can also be responsible for some serious health issues. But now there is an application which will remind you when you exceed the time limit you have already set for any of the applications. This amazing application is Social Fever developed by Systweak Software. Let us find out how this application works and how it can bring you back to the real world from the virtual world.

1. You can download and install this application for free from the Google play store.

2. Once you are done with download and installation process you will be on the home screen of the app. Here you will find some tips and tricks after that you can chose from the given area of interests.

After taping on an area of interest you can click on the heart given near it and then click on save.

3. On the next screen, you can see recommended applications for which you should limit the time of usage. You can also manually add applications with the usage time limit.

Once the usage limit expires you will get a notification. It helps to reduce the time you spend with your online friends and helps you keep yourself engaged in other activates of your interest.

4. The application also helps you to keep your ears healthy its Ear health section helps you to set maximum time after that you should plough out your earphones. Continuously listings music on earphones may damage your ear drums so with this app you will get a reminder when you will exceed the maximum time of listening music on earphones.

5. Eyes are the most important organ of our body we see the world through our eyes so it is must to keep then healthy. The application is having inbuilt feature to keep your eyes safe. To keep your eyes healthy you should not continuously stare your smartphone screen and with this application you can set a reminder which reminds you to turn off screen after a particular time.

6. Reports and statics:

The application clearly shows you the time spent on your smartphone. You can view weekly or monthly report and you can also see these reports application wise. This helps you to decide that which apps you should remove from your smartphone because you are spending plenty of time on it.

Apart from all this you can also see for how many hours or minutes screen was turned on and how many times phone was unlocked. This is how Social Fever App helps you to keep you away from the trap of social media applications and thus you can spent quality time with your real friends and relatives.