I thought I was the hate monger?
Allan Ishac

Allan — I see you are still at a loss for a reply to my original point, that your hate mongering excuse for “humor” is aimed solely at conservatives, and that you would not have the stomach for exercising your brand of “humor” on your fellow progressives. I called you out on the dishonesty of pretending that your article was a humor piece, when it was actually a hit piece.

Your progressive (Alinsky) tactics are quite predictable —now you try turning the tables, accuse your accuser of what you were accused of, attempt to sound threatening, and get personal. But never, never, answer the original point or use logic of any kind.

My interest in this conversation is ebbing. 
It has run it’s course- illustrating yet again the futility of engaging in rational debate with a progressive whose primary interest and talent seems to be name-calling.

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