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It’s complicated.

You also fail to specify why you think that Trump is not a reasonable, sane human being. 
 You say you would respect the president of your country unless he did something outrageous to lose your respect. 
 So what has Donald Trump done recently that was so outrageous as to make you question his sanity and to lose your respect?

His bold outspokenness has been misquoted all over the place by his opponents, which include most of the media. He is falsely portrayed by them as hateful and intolerant. All the accusations I hear are radical misquotations. So you should check your sources if you really think Trump is so insane. 
 Your angry embittered relative who supports Trump is probably for Trump precisely for the reason that your relative is not well read (he did not read the media’s false propaganda) and is down on his luck (that’s who Trump promises to lift up).

Many well-read intellectuals do not realize that they are actually misinformed, and that they are simply well-propagandized, not well-read.

I happen to be well educated, well read, and a “reasonable person” by most measures. I can see how people like you and me did not gravitate towards Trump at first — he’s way too outspoken, quite theatrical, at times borders on embarrassing, and is certainly not controlled by the political correctness police. But it is these very qualities that made Americans think that he could stand up for no nonsense in Washington and on the world stage. 
 Donald Trump did get nominated somehow, despite all expectations. I believe that he got the nomination simply because the conservative candidates were too numerous, they split up the 2/3 of the vote which was conservative, and they all ran out of money campaigning against each other. Trump appealed to the people who were fed up, and who were looking for someone prepared to confront the status-quo (both sides of Washington). He was able to win with only 1/3 of the Republican vote because he funded himself and the others candidates who were supported by 2/3 of Republicans ran out of money. 
 After Trump’s nomination, many of us well-read well-educated conservatives felt we had to vote for Trump, albeit reluctantly, because the Republican Platform represented our values far better than the Democrat Platform, and that’s one thing Trump did do — promise to uphold the Republican Party Platform, and promise to protect Christianity in the United States. 
 As far as we were concerned, two very flawed candidates with horrible histories on women were on the ticket, but Trump at least had the decency to recognize his (less grievous) mistakes and apologize for them, while Hillary did not. Hillary was unabashedly stubborn and brazen in the face of all her mistakes, which were not only numerous, but also criminal and even traitorous. And she promised to change the Constitution, spend federal funds on abortion, and her people (Podesta) actively tried to undermine and persecute the Catholic Church.

So, water under the bridge, and we now have Trump.

Now, honestly, if you follow both sides of the media and make sure you are truly well-read, you cannot accuse Trump of any “outrageous” behavior. 
 Trump’s stated agenda, and all the people he has appointed to his cabinet, are very staunch and respectable examples of what the Republican Platform represents. This collection of impressive people was chosen by Trump. Even if Trump were to try something outrageous (which I still occasionally fear, after watching the “evolution” and abandonment of campaign promises that we have witnessed in the last 8 years with Obama) — even if Trump were to abandon his promised agenda, this collection of staunch conservatives staffing his government would not permit anything “outrageous” to occur. 
 I am close to being convinced now that Donald Trump’s conversion to conservatism may actually be sincere, and he may be a very reasonable and very sane and very “Presidential” President.
 He has already demonstrated a remarkable ability to confound and defeat his opponents (Hillary’s machine), against great odds. This ability will come in very handy in dealing with global negotiators, to whom he will NOT show his cards as Obama does, and who will not be able to read him and to predict him. He seems to be very good at confronting bullies- a quality that endears him to many Americans.

And why on earth would such an unconventional person make it to the top?
 In my opinion, because the American people pray, they have good instincts, and God has a fantastic sense of humor. 
 The very qualities that allowed Trump to win this election will allow him to be the best negotiator-in-chief America has had in years on the world stage.

In short, well-read people have been propagandized and used by progressive politicians and media, yet the general American public retained the common sense to elect someone who has a chance of standing up for America against ISIS, against Putin, and even has the sensitivity to love and care about babies who should not be aborted one day before birth. Much as I admired some of the other candidates much more than Trump (Scott Walker, Ben Carson, Carly Fiorina, Ted Cruz…), I am not sure they could have pulled off either nationally, or internationally, what Donald Trump seems capable of pulling off. 
 God certainly has a great sense of humor!

And we will have to hold our breaths for the ride.
 I was very reluctant to vote for Trump, but now, as you say, in the absence of any outrageous action on Trump’s part, I am getting excited about getting on board with him.

Syte Reitz

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