Most of the Democratically elected Mayors, the Governor of California, the former Obama admin, and…
Trent Lapinski

Good point!

I’ve always scratched my head re the motivation behind globalization. 
It’s logical that power-thirsty people want a bigger pond to fish in.
Not good for the little minnows like us, who get gobbled up by the negative effects of globalization (which include increased risk of terrorism), while the power mongers live in protected bubbles which are not affected by our problems.

Same argument true about expanding the federal government at home, rather than letting the smallest possible communities make their own decisions at the most local level. A government that controls more and more sectors of the economy has a larger pond to poach. Taking over things like the automotive industry, health industry, insurance, and even curriculum in schools, provides more opportunities for powerful people to increase their power and wealth.

King George III would have been proud to exert the reach and power of Washington D.C. in recent decades!