The Day After Trump’s Election
Katie Simpson

I have great compassion and sympathy and love for you, Katie, because of the terror and anxiety your so obviously feel. 
But I have a different response to you than your father did. 
I want to reassure you that it really WILL be alright.

You have fallen victim to exaggerated fears that have been fed by politicians seeking votes. 
I am a conservative, and I felt some of the things that you describe, although not as severely, when President Obama was elected the second time. 
It is easy to fall for propaganda and for media and for the worst case scenario.
Both sides of America have compassion and concern for different victims in our society. 
Conservatives and Catholics like me quiver in fear at the idea of an unborn baby, who can feel pain just like you and me, being torn limb from limb (without anesthesia), writhing in agony inside their mother’s womb. 
We fear that bloggers like me, who are pro-life, and who support traditional marriage, will be jailed for hate crimes because we published our Christian beliefs.
We can make the same Hitler analogies about the left as you have made about the right if we let our fears run away with us.

You have great compassion too, but for different victims.
I think it’s important to realize that most Americans are good people and mean well. We have to tolerate each other and not demonize each other. 
We have to realize that most of us are nice people, just some are very mistaken. You think the right is mistaken, and the right thinks that you are mistaken. 
We cannot compare whether your fears and pain are larger than our fears and pain. 
Life is full of fear and pain for everyone. 
No one gets spared. 
Many people are not crazy about Donald Trump’s history, but then, his history is no worse than Bill Clinton’s, and his protector’s, Hillary’s. There are horrible mistakes on both sides of the political spectrum when it comes to sexuality.

I also want to remind you that Donald Trump does not go around groping random innocent women. The circles he frequents, both in Hollywood and political, have just as many predatory women who use sex as a brazen tool as they have such men. In some circles today, men and women expect to grope each other and to sleep together on a first date. This is certainly not the conservative view.

And most people who voted for Donald Trump did not vote for him because they want to sexually assault women. In that regard, he is less dangerous than the Clintons. 
Most people who voted for Trump did so reluctantly because of his history, and voted primarily for the Republican Platform, which represents values that protect and tolerate Christians, something the left has not been doing.

We do have a very split nation, split mostly on morality — the morality of abortion, of redefining marital fidelity and family life, the morality of casual sex, and the morality of eliminating God and the Ten Commandments from our laws and from our lives.
And who is right? The answer rests on the question of whether God exists and whether Christianity has it right. 
I hope it comforts you to hear that although the majority of Americans are Christian and they voted for the only party that still acknowledges Christian values in its platform, that Christian values do emphasize love, forgiveness, tolerance, and certainly oppose sexual assault.
I think that you are guaranteed to be at least as safe in the hands of Christians as you were in the hands of progressives. And with the “liberated” sexual attitudes you describe, you are certainly safer in the hands of Christians than you are in the hands of Muslims. 
This Christian would wonder whether the sexual assault that you suffered was not in some way related to the progressive morality agenda that has been spreading in our culture since the 1960's? The same agenda that influenced Trump to be so sexually aggressive — the Playboy mentality, which played a big role in Trump’s early formation, and which he shows every sign of having grown out of and abandoned today?

I predict that you will be safer and more protected in the years to come, and that you have nothing to fear.

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