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Not sure why you seem to have a problem with white people and with men being on the Supreme Court.

First of all, the most qualified candidate should be appointed, regardless of color or sex. Anything else would be unfair. We don’t see you discussing the credentials and accomplishments of the nominees!

Besides, the Supreme Court now already reflects the working population of the United States quite well:

3 of them are women now, or 38%. Not bad, since only 75% of women choose to work, and 75% of 50% is 38%. BINGO!

1 of them is black. That is 13% of the Supreme Court, and guess what, 13% of Americans are black.

1 of them is Latina. That’s 13%, and 18% of Americans are Latino. Not too far off, particularly since we cannot cut Justices into fractions, so it has to be 13% or 26%.

So stop griping, and stop being intolerant of whites and of men.

I, who am a woman, am more interested in having a Supreme Court which reflects the moral beliefs of America better, which includes 58% of Americans opposing most or all abortions (CNN poll, so progressives can’t argue with that!)

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