Meant “deconstruct” but it autocorrected. I was writing on my mobile device.
Trent Lapinski

Power to you, Trent, for refusing to compromise your values and for fighting the good fight.
Refreshing to me, who has been doing similar things (from a slightly different perspective. and with less success) for over 10 years, and loves to see some assistance coming. 
Having lived a while & looked at some history too, I have to say that many of the big movements of history took place through the manipulation of the masses by powerful people who had an alternate agenda. 
Perhaps now, with the new communication tools available to us, that cycle can be broken — time will tell. 
I cheer you on, and as an independent, somewhat libertarian, and probably more conservative person than you, I would be interested in your take, some time later on, after you have fought additional battles, on the extent to which the right and the left use population control tactics, and illegal, immoral and unconstitutional tactics. 
Also on whether you think the Constitution of the United States has been set up fairly or unfairly to deal with all the differences in opinion that are found in our democratic republic. 
I have my own opinions, but would be interested in the opinions formed by a less conservative younger person from his experience in these issues.

Soldier on, Trent!

Unfortunately, you will be guaranteed to come across many emotional, illogical people who have hatred in their hearts, and my only advice to you is to put most of your energy into posting your own good ideas and talented observations, and not into arguing with people who do not play the game according to the same rules as you do. Many of them are even paid by Soros to suck up your time.

Take care!