Millennials are Tired of Watching Old People Double Down on Batshit and Evil
Holly Wood, PhD 🌹

Sad to hear your frustration and anger, Holly.

Here’s a little perspective offered from a sympathetic “Old People” who likes the young and wishes them a happy life:
Humanity does not change much, we always have a mixture of good people and bad people, throughout history.
Your generation will have just as many frustrating bad people as my generation has had, and it will also have as many wonderful good people as my generation has had. 
Your chosen ideologies will have just as many benefits, and just as many flaws, as other ideologies which have been tried by humanity.

An officially adopted ideology does not guarantee the good behavior of others — all ideologies, democracy, capitalism, socialism, communism, atheism, and religion, are capable of being used and abused by bad people.
They are also capable of being used well by good people, although some ideologies are clearly less flawed than others.
Bad people can put anything to their own selfish use — whether it’s manipulating democracy, perverting socialism, misusing a knife, misusing a car or airplane, or misusing language to lie and to manipulate others.
That’s why our lives are better spent not in fuming and trying to control others, but in finding a small pond of people like ourselves, where we can have a humble existence, live with shared values, and reduce the stress in our lives.

If we try to change or control others, including forcing them to become less evil, especially on the national or global level, we are taking on an impossible task, joining the piranha pool where other fish are much more vicious than we are, and we are doomed to a life of stress and failure. 
We make our best contribution by starting small, spreading love and peace, and being grateful for the beauty that does exist in life.

My hope and prayers for you are that you discover the values that give you peace and tranquility, that you find like-minded people, and that you have a good existence here on earth in the years that are allotted to you.
For me, that was found in discovering the existence of God, finding ways of interacting with Him, and setting my goals to be realistic, as one of 7 billion fellow people on this earth.

The benefit to my philosophy is that it gives you access to a Power infinitely more powerful, more loving, more peaceful, and more wise than any philosophy or person you could ever find on this earth. 
May God bless you and help you to find the best path for yourself in this life!

Syte Reitz

Anybody interested in the values which have given me peace and joy in my life can visit my (nonprofit) website,

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