Szeeta is a platform for anyone from an individual to an organizations willing accept contributions, showcase products, promote socials, and reward contributor and more all in one page easily, instantly and free.

Also our goal is to introduce you to the new blockchain community to maximize your reach and the contributions you receive.

Few of the many reasons you'll love Szeeta

With Szeeta you get your contributions instantaneously and don't require any manual withdrawals.

Allow your contributors to contribute cryptocurrencies from their favorite network without limiting them to a specific network.

Reward your loyal contributors with our automated NFT reward system for free in just a few clicks which doesn't require any technical knowledge.

With Szeeta, you can showcase anything you prefer to your contributors to make the most out of Szeeta

Now with Szeeta, you can enjoy the security and trustlessness of blockchain technology without paying any gas fees.

So you've got nothing to lose, but much to gain.


A one stop platform for collecting contributions, adding links and rewarding contributor based on safe and secure blockchain technology