Five Hopes for Education in the New School Year — Then Let’s Hear Yours

5. I hope students discover passions and issues that make their learning deeply meaningful for them.

4. I hope teachers find more and more ways to connect learning in their classrooms with the lives that students experience, so that school becomes crucially important for them.

3. I hope students discover their unique voice and use it to urge adults to make their schools and communities places of growth and fulfillment and mutual support.

2. I hope teachers give students many opportunities, along with wise guidance, to chart their own paths for learning and to grow as the active, responsible citizens that public schools are intended to help them become.

1. I hope members of the public and public officials everywhere spend time in classrooms, to see the complexity and skill it takes for teachers to make learning powerful for young people. This way, communities will become more willing to spend the money it takes to support the kinds of schools that children need.

So now, educators, what are your hopes? Tell me yours and I’ll share as many as I can on my blog. Of course I’m especially interested in how people may hope to develop student voice and help kids experience civic action, to promote the strong and wise citizenship our country so desperately needs.