Close to what you love, Stay away from what you hate

My working environment in a lab

It is time to make a summary for my three-month life in Victoria. A peaceful place makes me peace and thirsty. I spends plenty of nights alone to read, write, and contemplate. I compose the world and no one interferes. In fact, I do enjoy such time. My goal guides me and I keep pursuing. Amid the long-term process, I meet with chances and receive feedback. Then I ask for help and interact with other persons. Gradually, I close to what I love and stay away from what I hate.

Friends. I love to make friends but the cost to identify and maintain is high. You will see you have to account on yourself at the end. But when I find someone who has chemistry with me, I always cannot wait to stick to him/her. My way to relieve is to talk with them. Thanks to the internet, I can connect each other around the globe through voice, video, and text. They are there to support me.

Stranger. In my definition, stranger is not the one I know little but the one I dislike. The situation is that I have to meet, talk even work with them on many occasions even though they make me uncomfortable. For politeness, I have to be nice in the surface. Maybe it is called “socialization”. Hence, I need to remind myself that strangers are not worthy to care. They cannot affect me.

On the other side, I am thirsty for success. The biggest reason to come to Canada is the match. My diligence and talent deserve better. In a fair environment, I can try and compete with various elites from the world. win or lose is not important because such try and competition are infinite. Every win or lose is a growth for me. Still, I need to emphasize that Victoria’s substantial geography constraints me in a way. I usually miss the days when I ride subway. Any one and anything can be connected along the subway lines.

Finally, a new challenge is on the track. The result, or more accurately, the signal whether I am ready to move forward will come out soon.

The China Town near my volunteer site
The Autumn in campus